Monday, April 07, 2008

HP 2133 Mini-Note PC

Aluminium goodness with storage and design..

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It is small. It is 30 mm wider than Eee but still very small

That 6 cell battery looks a bit wierd for me, but it is a good thing to have an option for better battery life. Xavier told he was getting some 4.5 hours with it.

Ram and HD are under the keyboard, easily upgradable.

And here are the internals. Thanks to

And here is video from showing HP 2133 with Eee PC and Fujitsu P1620

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HP Introduces Full-function Mini-notebook PC for Education Market

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Chris Steele said...

How did you get the keyboard off of this machine - is it easy to do, does it void your warranty??

Kelpie said...

I am now entirely not fond of this machine.

I don't like the layout of the keyboard (especially not the arrow keys being so irregular looking).

I don't like that there is an on and off switch for the WIFI (accidents happen!)

I don't like the layout of the mousepad, and the button to turn it off is pretty retarded. You have to be pretty lazy to accidentally touch the mouspad on the Eee and make it move.

I don't like how thick it is and how retarded the battery looks. And I especially expect to see many fingerprints on that screen, and you have to use a soft cloth on that surface. I just use my shirt on my Eee's screen. No scratches.

And most of all, I don't like the hardware:

If you counted, it took the HP about 1 min and 35 seconds to boot into Vista.

Anonymous said...

This is a very nicely designed unit, ideal for traveling. I appreciate the quick access to the wi-fi switch as it needs to be turned off during flight. The fact that the hard disk and ram can be accessed by simply removing the keyboard is great. I wonder if there is a huge difference in heat dissipation between the 1.2 vs. 1.6 processor, also is the speed difference discernible and worth the extra cost and heat? This is a great design for the standard suite of Office applications and Firefox. Anything more professional and the performance will probably get slow...

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