Sunday, April 13, 2008

Willcom D4 / Sharp WSO16H , pocketable qwerty UMPC

Sliding and tilting... like HTC Shift but smaller..

UPDATED: new hands-on video

Click to see the video and pictures

Atom Centrino Z520 (1.33GHz)
5” touch screen (1024x600)
Wifi and Bluetooth
2Mpix video camera
188mm x 84mm x 25.9mm 470g

Hmm.. maybe not as pocketable I first thought.

Vista... uhh.. But form factor and design looks nice!

Thanks Akihabaranews

D4 Press release [ translated ]

Details, News and Links for D4

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Anonymous said...

heh, as long as its moblin compatible the os isnt that important.

and those dimensions are not that bad. the worst is that extra length (5 cm longer then my N800).

quite interesting this one.

Mithinco said...

It's still much more portable than a laptop and has almost the same functions of a laptop, I'd say it's a solid product. Just, have XP or Linux installed instead.

Anonymous said...

the dimensions are perfect to me and finally a touch type keyboard! The LG, Nokia, Gigabyte and others are no where near as functional as this is.

The problem is can we buy on in the US? I would buy one now just due to the form factor without the wireless.

scoobie said...

How come there were 100+ Journalists at that event it seem and no-one took and posted any video?

Anonymous said...

Great UMPC! This is a definate winner! Please keep posting updates on this UMPC.

Anonymous said...

I think it should have been clamshell to protect the screen. I also wonder how good that processor is. At least some one is starting to get things almost right.

Anonymous said...

i would have sec with that phone/camera/computer

Anonymous said...


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