Wednesday, April 23, 2008

jkkmobile live

Starting at 20:30 CET [ Show is over, thanks everyone for watching ]

Featuring: Asus Eee PC 900

Special guests: Steve from and Sascha from

Click for live video broadcast

type /nick yourname to change your name

800 x 480 version here

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Anonymous said...

Hi jkk,

any plans on posting the video for those dudes like me, who wnt to bed to early yesterday? ;-)
Keep up the great work,

thanks, Max

JKK said...

I will do a full video review in few days so everything will be on it.

Anonymous said...

Nice video and good idea, thx for sharing with us ^^

Anonymous said...

HI jkk
great live stream yesterday :)
u used an skin for windowws XP.. can u tell me the exactly name for it and does it makes the icons on XP smaller on your eee 900 ? because it looked this way.. ive seen windows xp running on eee 900 with 1024*600 and there are only 6 icons in the horicontal line..

JKK said...


I use Zune theme. Just google it.

7 icons can fit ....

Anonymous said...

Hey jkk, again , nice webcam show! Very informative and a bit funny ^^ are you going to do another thing like this? Hope so, greetings from germany

Fr33zy (the guy who fell in love with you xD )

Anonymous said...

Excellent webcast! Thanks JKK!!!

turnkey said...

Hello, would love to see the video, please post it.

Anonymous said...

would like to c review!! checking ur site 10 times a day! also this jkk live video as well if possible.


Haustorio said...

I'm Juande .

The steaming dont work now.

Unknown said...

thanks for the great live stream.

Anonymous said...

hey jkk when will you post the full review video?? thanks!

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