Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Asus Eee PC 900, Video Review

There is so much more i would like to share about it, but I hope this is a good start.. uups.. a 35 minute start..

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8.9", 1024 x 600 screen
Intel® Celoron M 900Mhz
12GB SSD (4GB built-in + 8GB flash) SSD (Microsoft Windows OS Version)
20GB SSD (4GB built-in +16GB flash) SSD (Linux OS Version)
Audio HD audio / built-in speakers
WLAN Built-in 802.11b/g
1.3M Pixel webcam
3xUSB / VGA-out / earphone jack / mic / RJ45 10/100 Mbps
Power Output: 12V, 36W; Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz universal
Tracking Control Utilizes FingerGlide
Operating System Windows® XP Home / Linux
Pearl white / Galaxy Black
Dimensions 22.5cm(W) x 17.0cm(D) x 2cm~3.38cm(H) = small
Weight 0.99 kg

Battery life:

4400mAh -2.5 hours
5200mAh -3 hours
5800mAh +3 hours
6600mAh +3.5 hours
7800mAh +4.5 hours

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Lerferz said...

That was a really great review, its good to know about the extra secrets hidden away in the registry. I think XP would work okay with the extra 16GB drive, it would be slower but not that hard to integrate. You can change the location of "My Documents" to that drive, and you can even streamline windows xp to take up less than 1GB using nlite or something similar.

Unknown said...

Thanks for a great video review. It was very helpful, and nice to find that EeeCtl works with the 900.
With the improved touch pad do you think it really needs a touch screen and much as the 701 did, or can we live without it?
Is there any room to install a touch screen with the model 900 bezel? I think the controller could fit on the BlueTooth area on the motherboard and there is an unused USB port connection there.
Thanks for all your work,

Anonymous said...

Great review, especially watching it on my new eee 900 and trying out things as you said them.
I've improved the settings for the two finger scrolling a bit. It flows much better if you set the following.
In mouse properties, wheel tab, change to scroll 1 line at a time
in elantech smart pad scrolling options, set scroll speed to 3/4 (almost high) Then scrolling in firefox works much more smoothly. Haven't tried other apps yet.

Anonymous said...

thank you Jkk, love the review and thanks for the tricks.

do we know whether they will ship the 55000 battery in the US or no?

Luiz Bento said...

Finally...the first eee pc 900 complete review, without being enthusiastic. I really liked the bigger screen and the mouse pad, but the still small keyboard, small SSD for OS (only 4GB) and the problems with battery are big concerns. Thanks jkk, I think now I will go for a HP 2133.

Miguel Silva said...

I would like to see a similar video with Ubuntu 8.04 instead of windows XP.

Ubuntu is the ultimate free Linux desktop alternative to windows Vista.

- Its free for anyone to download and use wherever it wants.
- Demands less hardware requirements compared to vista, yet it can produce more advanced visual windows effects on a 3d desktop.
- It installs by default a full functional and updated Office suite (Openoffice 2.4) capable of exporting any document to a PDF file.
- Any one can easily install new software (just tag from a list of about 20 thousand applications already available online),
- No need to use an antivirus (drain batery and slows down computer).

Anonymous said...

How much space is left on the 4GB drive after Windows XP and Office installation?

Anonymous said...

Hello from England.

Thanks for the review - Very good.

A question from someone who is not very computer literate. If the Windows PC900 has 12Gb of Flash memory and the Linux version has 20Gb. Is there any reason why you could not buy the Linux version and then do a fresh load of Windows XP as the new OS. As a full load of Windows XP is just under 2Gb, would that not leave you with an XP version of the PC900 with aprox 18Gb of spare memory ?

Many thanks


JKK said...

Peter, yes, you could do that...

.. thats what i did. I bought the linux version and installed XP pro to it.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the swift reply. Once you had loaded XP onto the Linux PC900 how much flash memory was available for use.



JKK said...

As the is 2 drives, one 4GB and one 16 GB, I still have the second empty and about 2GB used on the 4GB one.

Anonymous said...

The beauty of the Eee PC is that it comes with Linux preloaded and supported. It is almost impossible to find Linux preloaded and supported on brand name computers and phones. Microsoft is good if your name is Ralph Reed and you want to hump in the corporate contracts but could you please redo the video using the preloaded Linux.

Unknown said...

great work jkk, luv the review and umpc updates. just a few questions for you...

if u still have 2gb free on the first ssd drive how come u said in the video u think u'll still need more space for the OS?

I would want to install office, 2007 if possible, would there be space on the first ssd and could the eee pc 900 handle it?

How long would the battery last when playing a HD video at full brightness?

will it support HD playback on an external screen projector.

i know the eee pc isnt meant for this, but i really want it to be.

thanks anyway, once again great video, i wos checkin ur site loads.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jkk. Great review. I have never owned a laptop and I am ready to buy the 900. But I've played with mouse pads and I hate them. Can you attach (with usb?) a separate mouse to the 900? Can you do this with all laptops and minis?

Thanks, Joe

Unknown said...

found 1 answer:

the eee pc 900 lasts 225mins playing hd video at half brightness.

Anonymous said...

HI jk,
Great Review! It sort of relight my interest in the eeePC!

Like to find out how long the battery last with wifi on. If possible, how long will the battery last with a 3.5G modem attached?

Anonymous said...

great review as always.

does the eee900 have bluetooth installed?

can we expect to see you install the touchscreen soon?

thanks! :)


Unknown said...

Great video jkk. A few questions:
1) Do you intend to do a review of Xandros as well, or did you remove it already?
2) If you will review Xandros on the 900, I'd like to know how well/bad the multi-touch gestures work.
3) You mentioned that you'll get the 10400 mAh. When will you receive it :) Would like to know the battery life on the 900 compared to the rest of your battery results.
4) I 'think' you own an 8 GB eeePC 702. There have been discussions about the different types of flash on the 900.

the 701 came with 4 GB of flash soldered to the mainboard.
the 702 came with no flash soldered, and 8 GB connected through mini-PCI-E.
the 900 comes with 4 GB soldered to the mainboard (which is said to be SLC), PLUS 8 or 16 GBs connected through mini-PCI-E (which is said to be MLC).


are the 8 and 16 GB SSDs used in the 900 and the 8 GB SSD used in the 702 all MLC? or is the 702's SSD SLC?

It would be nice if you can compare read/write speeds on the 701's 4 GB, 702's 8 GB, 900's 4 GB and 16 GB :)

Anonymous said...

Hay you sayed somewhere (wish i could remember) that the additional SDD is slower than the 4GB that were shiped with the 701, too. May you post the read/write-rates of them?

Anonymous said...

First of all, fantastic review.
I was browsing around the internet, and it was hard to find some battery replacements. Could you please list some places I could purchase a new battery.

I also looked on ebay and found
10400mAh batteries. What kind of battery life would I get out of that?

Thank you!

JKK said...

Conics.net sended me the 10400mAh battery, it's at customs now so i will test it soon...

it should give about 6 hours..

Anonymous said...

Great review..Thanks.

I Just noticed a whining noise from my new Eee PC 900. It sounds like a cooling fan of some sort and the sound frequency it makes fluctuates. Does anyone have an idea what is causing the noise?

Anonymous said...

i also noticed noise. however, i think, it is not a cooler.
the comp was running nothing special, just a browser.

i don't like this noise.
maybe it was because i put it on a sofa? i don't want a laptop which becomes noise when u put it on a sofa :)
this noise disturbing me...
i install XP Sp3 now, let see, maybe uner XP it will be quiet


about installing XP. install it on fast 4GB. as JKK said there will be ~2GB free. Than install all the rest software on _SECOND_ slow 16GB. System (4GB) partiton will inevitably grow (all software wants to put some files in the system folder), but most files will go on 16GB.
I don't see any problem installing many softwares.

Also note. Looks like it has WiFi card which is compatible with famous wardriving softwares like AirMagnet, meaning you can crack WiFi with it. Decode WEP keys, sniff the trafic (even encoded), and all other funny/nasty things. lol

Anonymous said...

Great review.. i have got a 900 and love it. however i have not used it that much and i have noticed that i have got a noisy fan..when it kicks in, it sounds like it is rubbing or catching something or the bearing has gone because if i tilt the laptop or move it the noise stops then when its flat on the table , hay ho its there again..its drivin me made..anyone else having the same??

Maro said...

I found this blog to confirm if fan noise issue is only on my laptop. Well I am still not sure if it's standard.

JKK said...

no fan noise on mine...

Anonymous said...

funny that you demonstrated lack of scrolling on google's home page. =)

Anonymous said...

hrmm, nice video. I ordered mine and it should be arriving tomorrow. I want to use the command line more, do you think i could use aptitude to install gnome-terminal? (due to it [Xandros] being Debian Based) also, I have run Linux and solaris UNIX on very strange hardware in the past, and found a lot of very sensitive touchpads in my time including the macbook 13" but was able to tweak the /etc/X11/xorg.conf and fix it. Im not sure if thats an option in XP or not. But its a shame to see you ditch linux.

JKK said...

no diching linux heree, i just need xp for many things i can't do with linux..

.. I have some plans for ubuntu mobile thou..

Petrolias Christopher said...

What driver for camera did you use on Xp? Many users have problems with the camera using to much proccesing power and ending up with low refresh rates, making it to difficult to use it for videoconferencing. Any suggestions?
If anyone has fixed this please send me an email. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Very nice review!
Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

A fantastic toy for the technically minded

Anonymous said...

I have bought my EEE 901 for 10 ten days. Today, it starts to sound. The buzz sound is from the fan, and I don't think this is under warranty. Even they have fixed it, it is sounds again due to the cheap fan I guess. I thought it is a perfect machine; especially, I saw people adding extra 1 gig ram and adding 1.8 inch hard drive to it. However, the little glitch of buzz fan noisy really can't make it perfect.

Anonymous said...

I have it now for 1 hour and the noise of the fan makes me nuts! Also the keyboard seems a bit lose in the "qwerty" area. I was very excited when I saw it on TV, but the quality seems a bit poor to be honest. My GF asked me to go upstairs not to hear the clicking noise of the touchpad...

Anonymous said...

I got my EEE PC 900 yesterday. Everything was fine, but after few hours, fan started making this irritating noise. And there are some issues with the webcam. When I turned it on, I could see just noise. Weird. =/

Anonymous said...

My 900 came with linux and a 16 gig drive but
when loading XP it consistently partitions
out and leaves me with only 1 gig open for other software. Anyone else have that problem?

Anonymous said...

I also forgot to mention that I would love to use linux but it will not accept the verizon aircard for internet. Any easy solutions ?..don

Anonymous said...

I just got an Eee PC for Christmas and there is a rectangle shaped white thing over it is that a camera and does the white strip come off? i have tried many times to get it off but its really tough can ou help me see if its a camera?

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem the "fan" noise is driving me insane.

Anonymous said...

same fan problem here. Has anyone tried contacting asus about it yet?

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