Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Asus Eee PC SSD read and write tests. 4G vs 8G vs 900

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Asus Eee PC 4G internal 4GB SSD

Asus Eee PC 900 internal 4GB SSD

Asus Eee PC 8G 8GB PCI-E SSD

Asus Eee PC 900 16GB PCI-E SSD

These results show quite clearly how slow the 16GB SSD is... not good for installing OS. This split to 4GB and 16GB drives on 900 is just stupid..

I can only hope Asus fixes this issue on upcoming models. Minimum of 8GB fast flash on first drive.. best would be only one even bigger and faster SSD.

Thanks guys!

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Anonymous said...

Well, the problem is that there just aren't any affordable SSD over 16GB on the market, not to mention fast enough for the OS. Anything over 16GB has to be spit between 2 SSD, otherwise you are looking at hefty prices and speed loss. This would make the EEE cost about the same as a regular laptop.
I think the current configuration is just fine, they would be really no point for a larger first drive, since you would still be stuck with 2 drives, and splitting your files over 2 SSD is a little impractical. And it would cost a lot more anyway.

JKK said...

The point for larger first drive is XP.

I have heard so many "normal" users having problems with full 4GB drive.

It's ok for me, but not for the target customer of these devices..

... remember what eee used to stand for?

Travis said...

Do most people using the 900 with XP installed put the OS on the 4G SSD and programs on the 8/16G SSD?

JKK said...

Travis, most people just click yes, yes and ok...

... tech people install some to second and some to first depending their needs.

.. or use nlite to make xp smaller.

thazlett said...

I have the 2g eee and iv managed to get XP on it with the programs i want installed on an 8GB flash drive that i'v integrated into it via usb.
The pagefile alone takes up too much space on the fist drive, being a 2G i had about 10mb at the best of times to play with, XP being stuburn wouldn't remove the pagefile on the first drive even though i instructed it to use another drive.

Linux on the other allowed me to delete the page file and XP complained about it, so i made a new pagefile of about 30mb, leaving nearly a GB free.

I now have no problems with it what so ever even though its only a 2G!

To the point, im fine with the first drive as it is, BUT, it would be nice too have a much bigger first drive, which may now be possible with that SSD mod thats just been posted recently.

Anonymous said...

Do you have access to a windowes 900 so you could test if it's 8G ssd has the same speed as the 700 8G sdd? That could make it worthwhile to buy a 12G instead of the 20G.

JKK said...

8GB on the 900 is the same as 16GB

Anonymous said...

"This split to 4GB and 16GB drives on 900 is just stupid.."

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that these eee pc's were originally designed with linux in mind. 4GB for most linux desktop distributions is plenty of OS space, whereas people that still insist on using windows will pull their hair out trying to get all their programs onto the primary SSD, but windows is quite frankly too bloated and inefficient for said 4 gigs.

i hope all the people that are buying the 20G 900 with the intention to change it over to XP at least give linux a chance, they may realize they don't need windows as much as they thought they did.

any gamer reading this is scoffing right now, but just to think of this device being used for heavy gaming in the first place, i'll just scoff right back.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure why yet, but ATTO seems to give markedly higher results for write speed than any other way I test. I usually get around 5 MB/s write speed on my 2nd SSD in the 900 in every test except for the ATTO test, which shows a much higher speed. I suspect the ATTO test may be faulty or measuring something different to what I think it's measuring.

Real life tests with copying large files to the drive also seem to support that 5MB/s write speed. I can at least say that the second SSD on the 900 would not qualify as "Class 6" if it was an SD or SDHC card.

Petrolias Christopher said...

Better install Xp on 4GB have software in 16GB and have the rest of 4g for virtual memory and only. If you spend your virtual on the 16GB your eee will defintely be slower.

JKK said...


Drew Cumbey said...

Is it possible to swap the slow 16gb with a fast 16gb ssd whenever they become cheaper in the future? i just bought the eee pc 900 with the slow card alone and diddnt even realize until now. :( also, what exactally is slower? Opening programs or running them or both? and would installing xp work with this slow 16gb drive? thx jkk, big fan

Anonymous said...

to Drew....
if you didnt realized till now, bcs. you readed about it, so why do you care at all?

it seems you would`nt be able to notice any diffrence, bcs. you cant even know how to measure speed, or what it`s affecting...

Saim said...

To Drew....
if you didnt realized till now, bcs. you readed about it, so why do you care at all?????

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