Friday, July 03, 2009

Viliv X70 Premium 3G review

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If you want one, remember that Dynamism has the special pre-order deal on next Monday ( July 6th ) only.

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DTrain said...

Good video. Eager to see how Windows 7 runs on it.
As always, Thanks for your insight jkk.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how fast dynamism is on turning these around? I am very tempted to order one on Monday but I am going away for a week starting the 31st and it says "The first shipment is expected July 28th." on their website.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I skipped around in the video, are the bluetooth and wifi contolled by the same button in the Viliv Manager? Can they be controled seperatly?
i.e. sometimes working remote I am on 3G using my BT mouse/ keyboard, I wouldn't want my wifi on sucking up batter too :) any thoughs?

Anonymous said...

Do you know if the touch screen is single pressure sensitive or multi pressure, ie can you use a drawing tool which would recognize pressure sensitivity

Anonymous said...

I ordered my S5 from dynamism mid June. They said it should be in my July 22nd. :-(

Great video on the X70. I wish the screen was a little better outside. Can you get or make your own glare/scratch protectors?

JKK said...

Dynamism will ship a protector that should help on the outside usde too...

Larry said...

Hopefully someone will get one of the magical 128GB SSD with 3G versions so we can see what drive they are using. Is that Dynamism only model or do they come from Viliv liek that?

KiTA said...

Is it a touch screen, or a multi screen?

Could use, for example, use the pointing pen with pressure sensitivity in Photoshop to draw with?

JKK said...

It is normal soft touch resistive touch screen.. so not pressure sensitive ( either on or off )

Anonymous said...

too bad that I have purchased I wish to have this X70....

Anonymous said...

I'm having the same PROBLEM that another reader has... With the way the sales process is setup.

The lead time is too long, this is summer, people go on vacation. I was planning on ordering one of these but I'll be out for almost the entire month of August. I wish they would just announce the sale, take the order, and ship the next day. Having their customers deal with their (Viliv/Dynamism) logistics problems is not good business practice.

I'll probably still get the X70 in the fall, unless of course something else comes up in the mean time. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation. Come on Viliv, get with it!!!

Anonymous said...

jkk, are you looking into Windows 7 installation on the X70? I am very insterested in what you are able to find out.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know of an european store selling X70s? I would like to get one, but the taxes applied when importing from outside of Europe are a pain. Yes, I know of, but they ship from USA, as stated by a Dynamism sales person:
"Thank you for contacting Dynamism, the leader in providing next generation
mobile technology.

Our UK website is currently only set up to provide VAT estimates, as we do
not have a physical presence in the UK/EU at this time, and ship any
products from our office in the US.

If you have any further questions about this or any other products we carry,
please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you again for contacting Dynamism.

Best regards,

JKK said...

I don't know any EU stores selling it... will update if i get any info.

Anonymous said...

Cracked! The company hit BANKRUPCY. Said anything...OQO doesn' exist anymore, died! BORN: Viliv X70 at reasonable price! WIth GPS onboard Sirf Star 111 With 3G SIMM card slot at the back of the battery. Because 64 or also 128 Gb SSD inside, and FANLESS. So 2 things GOOD! happens: 0 NOISE and LESS battery drain, for this: Charge of the battery last 6 hours continuous video! It has also: Computer to computer exchanges very fast and easy with any normal USB cable, without any special USB cable! Also, have a microphone, and 2 very powerfull speakers. For so, you can skype in the restaurant or in the bus. More, it come with a real strong and butyfull car kit for this GPS. Also it has Windows XP home desk on in 8 seconds! Also, have a second browser, Linux you chose to power on XP or Linux! Also, it has 7 inches touch screen! Plus it has a slot on the side for SSD or SSHD of 32 Gb, so it raise the storage capacity! Also...i get mine coming home, i invited it! It's LESS somthing than OQO...the price is LESS expensive and more butyfull and same weight for a 7 inches screen! It Silverhorne 1,33 inside. So, do as same: Buy it...they sells hundreds daily!!!

Anonymous said...

I have the answer to: JKK daying... I don't know any EU stores selling it. Dynamism in Chicago,Ill. sells hundreds daily. Also, at a very low price: enter the item numer: 411001011402 in the search page. It will cost for the model 128 Gb SSD, GPS, 3G SIMM slot inside, the total with EMS or DHL or UPS will be: 315 Euros ( $425.USD) It's cheap, because directly from the manufacture in South Korea, they bought 1000 BEFORE others bought, they have in stock since 4 days ago, it's 5 days delivery delay.

Paul Watson said...

I have 2 or 3 questions for Mr. JKK since you seem to have had more hands on time with a X70 than anyone else.
The premium X70 with the built in 3G connectivity that dosen't seem to have space for a larger Harddrive. I live in the USofA and I believe I can get a USB 3G dongle from AT&T or another carrier. I have a laptop my wife has a laptop and when we travel the people who travel with us tend to have laptops as well. As there a real advantage to having built in 3G over using the dongle? I believe that with the dongle I can make a portable hotspot in the vehicle or in a hotel room and use one connection for all of the computers.
2nd question, I understand all the advantages of a solid State drive, I am leaning towards getting the least exspensive model, because I need to replace a GPS and a Sat radio receiver that someone borrowed. My secondary reason for getting it is to be a PMP, music and movies where ever I might be killing time and don't wont to lug my laptop. My laptop has a half full 500Gb drive, I have 200Gb of portable hard drive and I am not against a 500 Gb portable.
I don't have a music collection right now, but wife has Itunes.
Do you think I will hate myself for not getting the larger hd up front... or since I am leaning against getting the 3G version... I should wait until the price of these tiny format dives comes down and plan on swapping the drive later.

One last thing, Do you think it is possible to do handwriting recognition on the x70 like you can with Calligraphy on a PPC or on a tablet?

Angel said...

DELAY delivery from Dynamism. I just talk to the phone and speaked with Jeff, he told me there is a delay, they did not received Viliv X70. Wish...soon!

Anonymous said...

Besides Grab & Drag, do you recommend any other Firefox add-ons for use on the X70? My X70 is due to arrive on August 11th.

I'm also anxious to see your report on Windows 7 on the X70.

Thanks for a great website.

Anonymous said...

Hi..., Do you know the development path Viliv will be taking with this great, great new UMPC..??? I would like to know if there will be a 2GB RAM version and also whether or not they plan to add a TabletPC compatialbe screen??

Everything else appears to be spot on. Also will there be a 1.6GHz version...??? I would love to have this with Windows 7.

Anonymous said...

I bought this thing based on your reviews.
I think it is one of the most stupid purchases I ever made. I am not a computer specialist. I received mine through, I turned it on and it started updating itself. After ages it was over and the touchscreen works only if I plug an external mouse on it cuz some of the updates I guess messed things up. There is no way to reset it to factory defaults and I am stuck with a 1500 dollars brick.

JKK said...

Anonymous, there are plenty of ways to reset x70 if you mess it up..

.. easiest is to enter to the restore menu on boot. ( press C key on boot )

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