Monday, September 07, 2009

Meet Kohjinsha PM series.

Click to see the video and pics

Yep, it's UMID M1 mBook rebranded.. Looks like Kohjinsha is just selling it in Japan for now..

Hmmm.. they made new headset and usb adapters to replace those dongles.. ( end of the video )

1.1Ghz Intel Atom Z510
4.8 display 1024 × 600
Wifi, Bluetooth
Windows XP Home (SP3)
7 hours driving time ??? ( mine gets 4 to 4,5 )
158 (W) × 94.2 (D) × 22 (H) mm
Approx 345g
Price ¥ 59,800

Kohjinsha PM series official pages

Via Weekly ASCII Web [ translated ]

Details, News and Links for Kohjinsha PM / UMID M1 mBook

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Anonymous said...

Like the new dongle...but still 512mb ram no good

Josef_T said...

The same as Sharp, too small screen, we need superwide 6 or 7 inch screens. Not enough RAM. But hey, funny device, isnt it? :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why Kohjinsha didn't just change the proprietary input to a 3.5 for the headset. Also I'd like to see a device with a built in 3g radio.

HeartBeat said...

No good without 3g module, SD and usb sockets and 1GB RAM.

Anonymous said...

A 3G model with 1 gig of RAM, standard connectors and an optical mouse would be the ideal version of this device.

ProDigit said...

Too small for me, I wouldn't pay more than 250 for that.

Anonymous said...

Way to much $$$. I'll stick to my Nokia N800.

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