Sunday, January 03, 2010

Lenovo Skylight smartbook specs and pics up.. $499 way too much for it?

First the known specs:

- 10.1 inch 1280 x 720 screen
- Qualcomm Snapdragon @ 1GHz
- Wifi, bluetooth and 3G
- 10 hour battery life
- 20GB flash
- miniSD card slot
- 2 X USB port
- 1.3 megapixel camera
- Custom Linux

Then the design and possibilities:

It looks really thin, but with huge upper screen frame.. those rounded corners don't sit nicely on my eyes..

With the ARM based Snapdragon it might have cool functions like active stand-by which means all your emails etc will be delivered even when it's "off". "instant on" lets you get online in second and customized Linux keeps you updated and Firefox keeps the surf up... for 10 hours..


You get all this with new netbooks.. and even cheaper ( easy 10 hours with EeePC 1005PE for $380 ). You don't get active stand-by but resuming and connecting to net doesn't take more than few seconds. And you can choose what OS to use where installing new OS to ARM based smartbooks is not just a mather of clicking your way home.

If smartbooks want to succeed, they need to be much more than netbooks.. and for much le$$.

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Unknown said...

$499 is no way. That was about the price of the Palm Foleo, which got laughed out of existence compared to the Asus. This is just another Foleo, period. Next!

Anonymous said...

Needs a price tag of around 179.99 or 229.99


Anonymous said...

Unless these things are much cheaper than netbooks, they don't stand a chance.

They may be thinner/lighter, but with 10" screens I still need a bag to carry them around - and if I need a bag, it matters little whether I carry 700g or 1kg.

10h battery life seems to be within reach with Pinetrail netbooks as well.

And most importantly, a normal netbooks simply gives you more flexibility - don't like that OS? Use Windows or any Linux flavor you like. Store a lot more data on a proper HDD etc etc etc. I really don't see a single PRACTICAL reason why I should get a $499 smartbook instead of a $300-$350 netbook....

john said...

If it was a convertible tablet format ...

though, you say:

"If smartbooks want to succeed, they need to be much more than netbooks"

I read this as: "If X's want to succeed, they need to be much more than X's". (smartbooks == netbooks)

Anonymous said...

smartbooks != netbooks

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What makes you think it will be harder to install other Linux distributions on the thing just because it's ARM? It might be, OTOH it might be easier because from the beginning these CPU kits support only Linux, while the Windows-focused Intel kits tend to have problems with audio and wifi if you replace the crufty abandoned Linux they ship with standard Ubuntu.

The real problem is that closed-source software won't run on it until you play ball with whatever vested interest is behind it, Flash, no Skype.

As for the price, remember it includes a 3G modem. What i'd like to know: will the 3G modem do voice? If I can carry this thing plus a bluetooth headset instead of a proper phone, that saves me some $ and bother.

JKK said...

Anon, ARM based devices are locked, you cant access bootloader or ins os wo major hacking.

Anonymous said...

hi there wow 20 gb of flash memory kind a like the 20 gb eee pc computers and Lenovo U1 hybride is both tablet and note book rooled in to 2 seprate computers 2 cpu's 2 graphics 2 ssd's stoarage and 2 batteries the tablet 7 hours the note book 8 hours for 15 hour batter life a cpu in the tablet and when doced useing a intel 2 ghz duo core cpu and has note book has 128 gb ssd with tablet at 16 gb ssd but note book part has a optional intel 160 gb ssd and yes you can take the tablet out of the note books making it the first hybride 2 computers in one desing

Unknown said...

It will be nice f it has the QSD8672 @ 1.5 GHz Dual Core CPU with 2 GB of RAM

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