Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Lenovo U1 Hybrid tablet at CEs 2010

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Epyon said...

Looks neat. I'm not too into tablets/slates, but that part looks sexy on it's own. Resistive multitouch is a nice affordable alternative to an active digitizer. I'm glad it's not using a capacitive.
I'm very interested in details on this device. Such as, which components are housed in the tablet section. The 3G modem is obviously in the tablet, and I'd assume the PC would be able to use it when docked. Also curious about the battery situation. Are there two separate batteries? Can they share battery power when docked?

Thanks JKK. Keep up the CES news.

OlivierSeres said...

Hello, thanks for the video. Seems Huge 11,6' ! Touchscreen seen somehow reactive in MT but the software doesn't. 8hours with 3G seems a little bit overestimated. What is the software btw ?

Anonymous said...

By the way it would be nice to hear about some Pixel Qi stuff as they said some of their products might be seen over there.

Anonymous said...

This looks Intriguing,I am eagerly awaiting the perfect device to read full colour comics in cbr,cbz format.
Got my eye on a tablet ,slate form factor got to be 10" minimum preferably slightly bigger so far the notion ink tegra powered tablet with the pixel Qi screen is the front runner.
Although Apple announcing a tablet may change that although with the price apple are likely to demand it better be something special!!

Britman said...

I think it's a great design. Couple questions.
Does the tablet section contain all the hardware or does the keyboard section have extra.
Is there a hard drive in both section. If all the hardware is contained in the tablet section why does it switch from win7 to the other OS? That make me think is might have duel core.

Processor, graphics, ports. None of these have been answered.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

In slate it has a Snapdragon 1ghz, the same processor in the Nexus One and HTC HD2 phones, so the battery can easily reach 8 hours with the right software optimization.

The keyboard has its own hard drive, processor, battery and memory. When in laptop mode it is your basic CULV ultraportable.

The slate's OS is always on, when you unmount it, it wakes up like a cellphone and is ready for use. Some things are communicated between win7 and skylight OS, like the webpage you were looking at will transfer.

Anonymous said...

actually this is the coolest tablet PC i've seen yet...i might have to spring some dough for one of these. the whole dock-seperate aspect is amazing!

i'm sure it will have some ports, maybe 2 usb, 1 10/100lan, sound, infra-red (who uses that anymore?), 1394 etc etc etc

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