Friday, January 08, 2010

Pixel Qi at CES 2010

Pixel Qi

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Anonymous said...

Did they give you a 3qi screen to take home and DIY mod, of course, with a how-to demo video? Another blogger, said that using this screen in an ARM smartbook, that you could see 30-40 percent increase in battery time, that is huge! Is that what you learned as well? If so, then that HP unit you showed before with 12 hours battery time, then that would mean maybe 16.8 hours per charge?

Question: - the Jan 8th MeetMobility-pod-cast
- said 2pm.
What time zone is that?
Is everything set up, is there a link on your site to just click to get to it? said...

probably PST, and so it would be 22:00/10pm GMT, and 23:00/11pm CET.

Anonymous said...

Also - the maximum resolution - is that only 1024 x 600 or can it be higher. Would be really interested if we can mod HD screens, for something like an HP 2140, or newer netbook, with 1366 x 768 screens, to use Pixel Qi 3qi screen (where we get the higher number of Pixels, and not go backward to 1024 x 600)?

Anonymous said...

Apple anyone?

I'm impressed with this screen tech and will hold of buying a tablet until they feature this screen.

Anonymous said...

as it stands, it may take 6 mo. for a 1st PQi tablet model to hit its native Indian market. Apple has every chance to beat this obscure pisspoor Notion Ink brand this Feb. For it, you'd obviously need to give a limb, and a kidney, to get this magic technology, be absolutely sure about that.

However, MaryLou is of past OLPC fame (I translate OLPC as "No Child's Behind Is Left" or something close enough), so the DIY PQi conversion kits might sell as low as $50...$100 for a any "normal" 10.1" netbook. That is, if Apple won't get angry and not swallow that PixQi, with or without MaryLou.

Oh, and technology is resolution (pixelwise) independent. Whatever you have in colour, stays the same, and triples in monochrome -- obviously, horizontally only. It's fine with me (just don't let Apple, or Dell, or whoever, to kill the toy)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Want to echo the HP resolution question posted above. I have an HP mini 5102. In my case, I don't even mind sacrificing some resolution for this screen.

But are they compatible? In theory, can the pixel qi screen replace a screen with 1366 x 768? I don't mind if the resolution after that is 1024 x 600, but will it work?

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