Thursday, January 14, 2010

Malata 8.9 inch netbook at CES 2010

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Igor said...

Jezz JKK, get an external microphone for that camera,
I can't hear a thing of what you're saying
when you're in the crowd.
I can better hear they guy talking next to you :(

Nice looking small netbook there, but a track point thing !?
That's sooo 20th century ! :D

Josef said...

I like it that the companys produce 8,9 or 9 inch devices but a trackpoint is not the best thing for me. A touchscreen in that device will be great.

Anonymous said...

a vaio p fake which is big and ugly!? i like the p, but it's design and weight are it's biggest pros

Anonymous said...

the trackpoint is the best feature of this, you douchbags

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