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Meet:Mobility Podcast 39 Recorded Live at CES. (Video and Audio)

Welcome to listen Meet Mobility Podcast.
Join me, Steve and Sascha talking about mobile computing.

On the podcast:
Sasca Pallenberg –
Steve ‘Chippy’ Paine –

Meet:Mobility Podcast 39 is now up. Recorded on Jan 8th 2009 Live at CES. This podcast is sponsor-free but we thank to Runcore for allowing us to use their booth and for setting up the local audio equipment. Runcore make fasst, good value SSDs that we all use in our devices so check them out.
JKK, Sascha and Chippy talk at length about the main CES 2010 topics up to Day 1 of the event including Smartbooks, Pinetrail and screen technology.

(Show details below)

Apologies for the quality of the audio recordings on these pod/vodcasts. We’ll fix local audio recording for the next one.

Listen to the audio only podcast. (35 mins , 23MB )

Show notes (used in preparation of the podcast. Not necessarily in running order)

Smartbooks, MIDs, Tablets. Consumer focused media and internet devices.
Netbooks, Pinetrail.

Qualcom called ‘first ever’:
Lennovo Skylight – smartbook. Snapdragon. 10. Linux-based OS. Price – $499. What do we thnik of that?

OS. Linux

Smartbook price points
Eeepc tablet, NVidia Tegra 2
HP Smartbook – Android. netbook style.

Ereaders – dual-screen smartbook readers. Why?

Pixel qi solution?

Most of smartbooks we’ve seen have been on ARM but at keynote.


Pinetrail netbooks. Antoher good step forward for netbooks. More battery life, more power and importantly, more freedom fo manufacturers to make new and interesting designs that san across a rang of price points.
Sascha is going to talk us through a few of the highlights.

Lets tallk about MIDs and smartbooks now, consumer focused mobile internet devices. The second coming, you might say,
UMPCs to MIDs from both Intel and ARM partners.

Nvidia 2

Softrware for MIDs and tablets.
OS and applications.

Price points.



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