Monday, May 12, 2008

$500 MID will cost you 1500 dollars! Something must be wrong

Yep, Intel said that the target price for MIDs is $499.. How come the first price we see now is $1500? Is it Origami again?

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First reseller is now listing Gigabyte M528 MID at their site and all the features are looking good as expected but the pricing looks unbelievable..

1,549.00 AUD.. $1450 US... 941 Euros.. 750 UK pounds. !!!

I really hope this is just a mistake.

UPDATE: Moaning helped a bit.. Price just dropped to 1199 AUD.. Still long way to $499

Jump to UMPCPortal to read it all

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Mike Cane said...

Just ... my jaw drops.

And that was the ONE MID I found exciting too.

JKK said...

Yep, i was looking for that too..

Your blog header picture would actually be good for this post ;)

Anonymous said...

hope they fix the price again or i will be desappointed :) lol

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