Thursday, July 24, 2008

Broadcasting live today at 21:00 CET

Featuring Steve with Gigabyte M912 convertible netbook. Special guests: Eee 900/901 Kohjinsha SC3 and pile of other UMPCs.

UPDATE: Show is over. Recorded parts here

Jump to live broadcast [ starting at 20:00 CET ]

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Anonymous said...

I'll be there!

Anonymous said...

will there be a downloadable audio version of this broadcast?

Anonymous said...

Too bad I forgot to ask chippy to remove the keyboard in order to make sure it *is* the same keyboard than in EEE PC 701 and 900.

If it's the same keyboard, it doesn't void the warranty. Meaning chippy should be able to do it while still returning the M912 in one piece ;-)

You just push three pins on the top-side of the keyboard, releasing the keyboard... Then you just need to level the freed keyboard and you can look beneath it and take a look at the connector.

Do chippy still have the M912 at hand? Could he check this and publish come pictures? Please??? :-)

This question is actually important for a lot of people because the device won't be sold in their country and so they won't be able to get it with a localized keyboard. If the M912 keyboard can be switched with any EEE PC keyboard, the keyboard will be less of an issue for them, especially those who already owns a 701 ;-)

Thanks in advance!!!

-- JP

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