Friday, July 25, 2008

Gigabyte M912 convertible netbook review

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The lowlights.

Screen. Slightly washed out. Not as bright as other netbooks. Indoor use only. Suspected CCFL backlight.Takes a lot of power.

Battery life. Could have been better. In full-on tests last night we were seeing 2.5hours. In lighter tests today it’s averaging 3hours. Max 4hrs (wifi off, typing), Min 1.5hrs (video, full brightness, Wifi.)

Style. Once opened, its quite boring. The plastics look a bit cheap.
Keyboard. Slight flex. It won’t affect you’re typing but it just feels a bit cheap.

Weight. At 1340gm, its one of the heaviest netbooks and not a device I’d recommend for ultra mobile use.

Mouse buttons. Not easy to press. Problem slightly offset by the ability to tap and click and use the touchscreen. Mouse pad is good though.

When used hard in tablet mode there is a significant heat build-up.

The highlights.

The screen resolution is fantastic.

The disk speed is amazing

ExpressCard slot means easy 3G!

Easy access to disk and memory. (Takes 2GB - I tested it)


Very cool (no heat) in laptop use

The price! Two years ago a similar device was 1600 Euros. Now its under 500.


The backlight on the 1024x600 version is LED This means way better battery life!

The keyboard is the same as on Eee PC 700/900/901, so you could swap it to your local Eee keyboard. Picture here.

Check Steve's full report Thanks Steve!

You can order it from MobilX now

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question about EEE PC keyboard interchangeability!!! :-)

-- JP

Anonymous said...

Dear JKK!
I really like the Eee PC Multi-Touch-Funktion! But the idea of having a convertable Netbook is also not bad! Since the session yesterday, i know that there are no Multi-Touch functions on the M912!
So i looked to find some possibilitys!
One way would be to put the Touchpad of the Eee PC into the M912!
Could this may be working? How much work would that be?
Thanks for Help!

JKK said...

it might be possible..

.. hardest thing would be cutting the plastics on the pad area.. eee pad is bigger so you need bigger hole for it..

both are ps2 so interface would work fine..

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I didn't get understanding on one question during a night before yesterday session. Is M912's touchscreen capacitive or resistive, it's just of my interest? And what the kind of your touchscreen, JKK?

Anonymous said...

It's a soft touchscreen.

Anonymous said...

And what does it mean technologically? I know what it means for a user. But, what is the principle of its work?

Anonymous said...

passive. not active digitizer.

Anonymous said...

will there be a bigger capacity of battery available, later?

eee 901 still Rock

Anonymous said...

Cheap version of Hp TX1000/TX2000

Anonymous said...

JKK, do you think it is possible to replace the display in the M912V/X with a led backlit version?

Anonymous said...

some news about the CCFL backlight, maby LED?

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