Monday, July 21, 2008

How to update Acer Aspire One's SSD

As users are finding Acer's new netbook a bit too slow, updating had to be done..

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They are reporting even slower write speeds than on the Eee 900 16G , so this upgrade will make it much faster.

As the original SSD is located under the mainboard, you have to fully open the Aspire One

and cut away some plastic..

and pcb to make it fit.

Zif CF adapter with Transcend 8GB 300x CF card in place.

Not as easy as on 901, but fully possible...

It should be a bit easier on the HDD versions.

Check to full tread at Aspire One User Forum

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Anonymous said...

the link to "check to full tread at aspire one user forum" does not work.

Anonymous said...

Hello JKK,
I was wondering if the adapter supports the high-speed CF cards (20 or 40 mbps) like the SabDisk Extreme III or Extreme IV series and how long the cards can be used before wearing out.

Anonymous said...

Hi jkk! Can we do something similar on the 901?
i just wrote to you but i don't give up! Eeepc is perfect for me...i can add touch screen anda big hdd if i want...but...but...
i cannot live with a 4gb ssd! I'd want something bigger, also faster if it is possible.

1) Can i found another 4gb ssd faster on another netbook? or buy a SLC best quality ssd? it has to exist!

2) A 32 gb corsair usb flash is not so big, and it is faster.Can't we build a connector or a solder to use this like primary hs? or a compact flash? I'm notyet expert in micorelectronics and modding but i want to study about it...

3) if on 901 4gb sdd is not soldered can we found a extension for the connector, and place a memory in another space of netbook?

4)in italy and other countries 901 will be sold with wireless n but not wimax.
Can we upgrade easily also this?

i don't want to take you too much time, last thing, the 5.

A retroilluminated pc is so difficult to build? also with optical fiber? :)

thank you for your answering, good job!

JKK said...

Updated with Acers SSD speed.

Thanks, Popol55

Anonymous said...

Assuming the 120GB HDD version of the Aspire One is the same as the SDD one above but for the different disk, it should be possible to fit the CF adapter in there without hacking bits off it, since the CF adapter PCB used here is supposed to be a drop in replacement for the 1.8" HDD. perhaps the author didnt look hard enough for a alternate mounting arrangement? All that empty space below the SDD seems suspect.

Anonymous said...


I've got desactived pagefile and this is the new result better in write :

Anonymous said...

JKK, have you tried or heard about this SSD on AAO?
Maybe it could increase the speed, dont you think?
Do you know if it fits in AAO?

Anonymous said...

I've triend the same mod but it didn't work on my Aspire One.

I've a Maxflash 233x 16GB CF and I've bought two of the same ZIF->CF adapter. I've been carefull to follow same instructions, didn't cut anything on the adapter card, but the BIOS says NONE on the HDD type.
I've tried different ZIF cables and tried to mount both straight and upside down the flat cable, but nothing. My BIOS seems locked to this kind of mods.

Anonymous said...

i tried this and had the same problems as the post above me someone please help

Anonymous said...

I have the exact same problem as "xxjxexrxx" and "Anonymous". Just to check... Did both of you upgrade the bios to version 0.3114 like what I did? I am suspecting that it might be the problem.

Unknown said...

this guy is using a crossover cable! not a normal cable! I made of two normal zif cables one crossovercable! and its working great! with normal cable he couldnt find a hdd!
I use the Zif to CF Adapter a A-DATA 8GB 350x Card and the selfmade crossover cable ;)! It works great!

Anonymous said...

can you comment on how much of an improvement this mod is?

Anonymous said...

e.g. read / write times? or even just a general estimation. thank you

Anonymous said...

Be nice if the Mod'er had documented the Mod more fully...

To much to ask for a speed increase chart?

How do you make a 'selfmade crossover cable'?

Anonymous said...

thx JKK and Michael
i follow the instruction and made crossover cable
my adata 16GB 350X inside my AAO now
thx all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi All
Could some one give some information how to make a selfmade ZIF crossover cable, please ?
thanks in advance
Regards (Eddy)

Anonymous said...

Just poking around the internet looking for aspire one shouldnt need a cross over cable using the right adapter....but, i'd assume a very easy way to make a cross over cable would be to take the regular cable...heatup a soldering iron, and use it to melt the plastic away from the top (plastic covered side) of one of the connectors....then use that side where the metal is showing on both sides and plug it in upside down :-)

Anonymous said...

Can someone help me to learn how to made a rossver zif cable? I tryed to melt the plastic away, but I did a bad work... send me some pic if you can. tnx...

Anonymous said...

One way to make your very own flip side zif cable:
1) remove the blue plastic from one side of the regular zif cable (works fine peeling it away with your nails)
2) Using scissors cut off the part of the zif cable which was below the blue plastic you just peeled off
3) use superglue to glue the plastic to the other side of the cable (=> you now have one blue plastic on one side, one blue plastic on the other side)
4) now to expose the cable connectors use some fine grid sandpaper and carefully sand the plastic covering the metal strips away. Take care not to sand away too much.

All done :) Not high tech but works a charm and requires nothing but scissors, superglue, sandpaper and 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

i change os from linux to xp..but my aspire one become no me..

Anonymous said...

download the sou d drivers from the acer site
make sure there the xp ones

Anonymous said...

try to change fat32 cluster size from 4k to 32k. Result: read 38, write 15 MB/s, from 64k to 8192k. On my original SSD 8GB, WXP

Anonymous said...

On information I've
HDD model name = None
but under boot order I can see
1. IDE0 : SanDisk SDCFX3-016G
Is this correct?

Michiel Tolsma said...
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Michiel Tolsma said...

That is correct. By the way, you can get a fast SDHC-card, plug it in the left side and put your pagefile on there. Maybe you can even boot off it and install your OS to that.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a photo to explain how to make the cross zif cable, thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

I'm doin' the same job on my Acer1, i've bought same adapter and the same CF, i've problem with the cable, i've bought the object N.320379855383 on ebay, they send the adapter with 2 cable, one of them is crossover ? which cable should i use ? blu/blu or the other blu/white ? if Blu/white the blu end must be to mb or cf ?
waiting for a reply, Many Thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

I'm considering doing this to my 8gb AA1. I have to do something, I have a 16gb sd card that lives in my aspire and it just seems wrong with it 2x the size of my internal space!

But gb-gb compared to a ZIF hdd mod, it doesn't seem cost effective. Is there some benefit that im not taking into account? I hear ppl being concerned about noise/heat/battery life with an hdd. But haven't those arguments been revealed as negligible?

To get a cf card big& fast enough, the cf-zif board & cabling, I can get a bigger hdd than I want (I really only need 30-60gb). Even if not, @ roughly the same $$, is 32gb compact flash better in any other way than an 80-120gb 1.8" zif?

Ive been looking for a speed comparison of modded AA1's with this cf mod vs 4200rpm drives(vs various ssd's). Anyone know where a table like this exists?

Anonymous said...

you can buy a ZIF-Flip cable for less than 1$ (ebay, amazon,...). You also don't need to cut anything away: if the cable is long enough, you can put the cf under the motherboard.
In the BIOS, the HDD is not found, but in the boot selection, the CF is found as IDE0

Anonymous said...

i am trying to use a A-Data 16GB CF in my A110l with Xp or Windows 7.
Unfortunately this seems to be impossible due to the "removable media bit".

Does the usage of a flip-cable solve this problem?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the information from everyone i got mine to work as well. I wanted to share that i did indeed have the regular zif cable which i 'flipped' by simply removing the blue strip, and then simply folding the metal contacts over; i hope that made sense. Remove the blue strip, place the cable metal contact face down, and then fold it backwards so that the metal contacts become face up. It also increases the thickness that way so you won't have to glue the blue strip back on. Viola, you have a flip cable now too. No need to superglue or sand anything down.

and to the previous question, i believe it will be picked up so long as you have your cable properly oriented. I am using a 32GB kingston elite pro.

Anonymous said...

I try this mod my self, didnt know that other have done it.
Bought a Transcend 32Gb 133x and a CF2zif adapter marked PA-CF182 (ebay, looked homemade!)

Didnt work, tryed Google, found this page.
Tryed the folding trick, but then the LED didnt lit on the little board, so I guess the cable is straigt.

Sad, I really wont this to work...

Anonymous said...

unfortunaTELY i had bouth transcend 16gb 400x and try to made crossower cable and try with normal cable and have no success, actually update bios to version 3310, but it did not gave me result, so it sucks does not work, it is really sad i spend some 70-80$ but have no any satisfaction result, i think the problem is BIOS, i will try to update it with not official version release, but i do not check CF card maybe it is the reason this kind of sucks!

Anonymous said...

I did this to my Aspire One and it worked. The key was to make the cross-over cable.

I managed to make the cable by cutting away the tip of a regular cable and filing awaythe thin plastic shielding from one side of the tip. I got good enough contact after about 2 tries. I used sand paper and my wifes nail file to remove the plastic.

Second problem was getting a good connection on the mother board end. I think this is because there are 2 different thicknesses of zif cables. I fixed this by inserting the tiny bit of plastic from the end of the original cable together with the filed cable into the latch on the motherboard.

I also noted some IDE errors cropping up in the system log, but I think they went away when I put the little rectangular ferrite cuff that was around the original zif cable on the new cable.

Now I have new life in my old laptop. A third party battery replacement also helped.

Anonymous said...

The cable needs to be a "flip" cable, it's enough to remove the blue tape from the end of a regular ribbon and fold the end so the contacts will be on the opposite side. Another issue is the fact, that I've bought an PRETEC 16GB 233X CF card and AA1 BIOS says HDD: none, but actually it works just ok, it only can't see the HDD name and S/N. When I insert Kingston 4GB 133x CF card BIOS recognizes it correctly.

I've also managed to fit the CF with adapter (I've cut the part under the CF card) without any modifications to the netbook (Aspire One SSD version) body.

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