Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Asus Eee PC 901 with Vista Ultimate

Yep, holidays are over... testing Vista now..

Click to see the video

...so it's running on the 30GB HDD i'm testing. Not bad..

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jkkfansclub said...

boot time ?
shutdown time ?
did asus give all the vista drivers ?

mobile said...

Hi great video.
Are the features with the gestures (three fingers down and then left) or rotating the picture with the gestures on the pad from vista? If yes are they in any version?

Many thanks because I like to upgrade from XP to Vista and only know these gestures from OSX.

Anonymous said...

What benchmarks are you running? How do those scores compare to other machines?

JKK said...

boot, 50 secs to desktop
shutdown in 30 secs

i used xp drivers from asus support all but video ( i wanted aero so i used intels newest drivers for 945 express )

those scores are build in scores from vista itself...

those gestures are from XP driver software from elantech

Check this for gestures>


England said...

Awesome! Wow your a busy man.

Anonymous said...

can you comment on the battery life?

aRMAND0X1 said...






Anonymous said...

JKK... now that you've had time to use both the 900 and 901... which would you prefer from a performance perspective? Did you perceive a big difference between the 1.6ghz Atom and the 900mhz Celeron?


marco said...

hi jkk!
i can't found quite about the structure of the two ssd on 901.
i am interested to have larger space for os on a ssd and also a 80gb hdd for files.
two way:

1) with your guide we are able to get a 5 mm hdd removing the second ssd, we have to change the original 4gb ssd with a bigger one. but we need a small sized version ( can we found it?) and i read that we have to use specific program for the ssd controller or we lose it.

2) leave intact the 4gb ssd and focus on a bigger ssd like 64gb or cf adapter. i know that we can do multi boot, and also make the second ssd became the principal but i ask you:
IS THERE ANY DIFFERENCE IN EEEPC 901 BETWEEN THE FIRST SSD TO THE SECOND? IT CHANGES THE TRANSFER RATE ( like in the 900 with soldered ssd that was faster) AND ACCESS TIME OR THE TWO SSD CAN REACH SAME SPEED? i am not referring to the quality of ssd, but i speak about the connector possibilities.

i wait you reply, excuse for my english.


JKK said...

1. you can't put the bigger ssd to smaller ssd place. There are no other ssd's available. You don't need any program.

2. It is same as on 900, 4GB is fast.
There is no difference on connectors, just the speed of flash.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't understand for example the 20gb version,there is an 4gb ssd and another with 16?How can install OS to them,separately?Or how?
ty the answer

Anonymous said...

Did you use a default Vista install or is this one stripped down with vLite, and if so would you like to share your Last Session.ini file, located in c:\windows\setup in case you don't have it anymore, thanks!

JKK said...

I used default full ultimate... and all the good/bad stuff was running...

Didn't see Session.ini there..

Lapatate french said...

can you comment on the battery life?

Anonymous said...

on which partition have you installed Vista ??
on the small ssd with 4 GB which would be quite
to small for Vista I think, or on the big ssd with 12GB ??


JKK said...

it's on the 30gb hdd

Anonymous said...

Vista mustdie, especially on Eee PC

Anonymous said...

I think maybe you must move both fingers simultaneously to rotate picture.

Dukeswharf said...

Hi JK,
can you please post links of the places you got the Vista drivers from?

Many thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

HI could you give link to video driver, boecauce, I can't find...

I found this: http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/sb/CS-020683.htm

But I don't know which...

Anonymous said...

with the 901 are you able to view the full width of the webpage on the screen?

JKK said...


MOZ said...


can you install Vista on the 12GB removable SSD? will it run slow and how much slower would it be?

Joao Oliveira said...


My function key + sound up and down are not working. when vista boots up acpi says that cant find sound and vga drivers. i think that is why the keys dont work. what sound drivers di you use?

Anonymous said...

i have the same problem link Joao Oliveira.
But if i install the graphic driver i only get a black screen.
But after Stand by the sreen ist working...
need help...

Anonymous said...

Which graphics driver please?
Intel® 945G Express
Intel® 945GC Express
Intel® 945GT Express
Intel® 945GZ Express

Anonymous said...

I'd likr to know too witch kinf of Intel 945 driver you used to get 3,9 score to graphics test

Joseph said...

I also installed Vista on the eee PC 901 and it ran smoothly UNTIL I installed the Windows Vista Update VIDEO driver. Now I can't even boot to safe mode. I am going to reformat my 901 and install Vista again. But I need to know specifically what driver to use.

Does anybody have a link to a eee PC 901 video driver that will work under Vista?


JKK said...

I used this one:


Joseph said...

Thanks! I am almost done with a reinstall of Vista as of this writing. I will use the video driver.

Anonymous said...

can you install vista via an upgrade disc?

Anonymous said...

Thanks! On my EEE PC 901, I initially installed a significantly reduced (vLite) Vista Ultimate and after updates etc it was using about 10gig of my 16 gig partition. Couldn't get Bluetooth DUN working, so i reinstalled full Vista Ultimate and it is using about 9 gig.

My only gripe is i get a driver error msg at bootup about audio and VGA but everything is working great and there is no OS lag.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem, error message vga and audio apart from the fact that when you log on the screen stays black, I have to give the key to suspend order to have picture, a very rare thing indeed How can I fix it ?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone comment on if vista is useable after being installed on the slower harddrive?

Anonymous said...

Hi JKK, I just tried the Eee PC 901 video driver you said, but it doesn´t work. After the login the screen stays black. Have anybody found a working vista driver?

Anonymous said...

Hi all, I just figured out a way to make windows Vista start on the 901 without the black screen. The broblem is that the black screen comes out with all the new bios versions, including all above the v. 1101. So all you have to do is to donwgrade your bios version to a version which is older or as old as the v. 1101.

I downgraded my bios with a FAT-formatted usb-stick with the 1101-bios renamed 901.ROM To downgrade the bios you have to press F2+Alt at the bootup. Then the downgrade will start automiticly.

So now vista is working well on the my 901, but the only irritating thing is that anytime I log in the resolution automiticly is reduced to 800x600. Maybe there is a solution for that..

Anonymous said...

JKK, i hope you can help me!

I've just installed Win7 on my eee 901 (12GB)
Everything works fine, but i hope you could give me a link for the network drivers, it isn't working right now ! :(

Please send me an email:


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to get the built in camera to work again? Mine disappeared after installing vista.

Anonymous said...

Are we installing vista without a CD drive? Where are we downloading the install files from for Vista?

kamal said...


After installing vista ultimate download the driver from following the link


then install the driver. when u restart screen will be blank. dont worry

reboot again with safemode

uninstall the VGA driver then restart...

thats it...


Anonymous said...

Hey JKK,

I have justinstalled Vista on my EEE PC mainly becasue windows 7 didn't install correctly and I know longer had access to the disk to try and install it all again !

Vista is on and working fine but I can't get connect to the internet, the wireless function doesn't appear to work and if I try and use a dongle it recongises it, says it's working but doesn't connect !

What can i do to correct this, what drivers do I need to download and where can I get them ?!

Many Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Vista and WIN7 will install on this, but there are no supporting drivers for the wireless card or 3G card. Sadly, I have to stick with XP.

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