Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kohjinsha SC3 gets it's first review

Jump to Pocketables to read it. I don't want to spoil it for you... maybe a bit: it's good!

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guardianangelz said...

Hey, I've been a sporadic reader here, first comment.

I just got a Kohjinsha SC last weekend to relieve my shoulders of having to carry around a TC4400, my primary computer, on trains and stuff to take notes in class. (I live in Japan.) I feel the keyboard is too bloody small for actually taking notes - my right ring finger keeps missing the tiny half-size period and inserting a slash at the end of sentences. Carrying around a keyboard to plug in just to take notes is too geeky even for me, so I'm trying to decide on whether to take it back to the store, or trying to live with it. I also just got a new camping backpack that does make it a tiny bit easier to carry the TC4400 and all my books around. The Kohjinsha does make a good portable to use on the train and in bed before falling asleep, but this isn't what I decided to buy a secondary computer for. Anybody have any suggestions on what to do?

Unknown said...

You should try the SX3 when it's released; sometime at the end of this month I believe. It's like a bigger version of the SC3 you just bought; 8.9 inch screen instead of a 7 inch one. Drawback is that it's about 400g heavier and about 200$ more expensive.

guardianangelz said...

They pushed the SX release to next month. I was actually looking at the SX, but the optical drive seemed a bit excessive to me - somehow, having a DVD drive on my backup computer and not on my primary one seems incredibly weird to me. That, and I started this crusade looking at $500 computers (ie Eee). The 70x series looked retarded and stood up to my scrutiny for all of twenty seconds, but the new 901 they introduced to Japan seems like a decent computer, and actually has a semi-good-sized keyboard that I can see myself getting used to. Here's me wondering if the new 1001 is coming to Japan too.

I actually just went and returned the SC to the store. I was debating this all the way home from school on the train (while I was awake) and the arguments are purely logical vs emotional - the SC doesn't qualify for what I decided to purchase it for, but it makes a damn good surfing/IMing/relaxing machine on sofas and beds - so like a bloody expensive Mylo.

England said...

Damn Seg 1. I would buy this if I could use the TV tuner in the U.S

Anonymous said...

I would have almost certainly purchased this, until Jenn mentioned that it only has 2.5 hours battery-life. I mean, is that some kind of joke or something?

Just like with Kohjinsha's earlier SA model, the battery-life is the dividing line between me purchasing and not purchasing. Too bad

Anonymous said...

i meant the SH6 model, not SA.

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