Friday, July 18, 2008

Mugen Power Extended Battery for HTC Shift

Battery life on HTC Shift sucks... but Mugen tries to help..

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Info from the suplier:

HTC Shift Battery HLI-X9500XL
For HTC Shift
Li-LON battery with battery door
Battery Type: External Battery
(Coming soon)

Battery life:
In our movie playback test, it lasted approximately 4 hours
with Bluetooth adaptors enabled and brightness set at near maximum.

Mugen Power

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Anonymous said...

In that case I'd prefer an external powerbrick as used by most people at the moment.

AC Ryan and other brands provide 70Wh, 100Wh and up to be used by many other devices (Sharp Ws016SH or example :P )


EEE-GIRL 18 said...

a cool blog with cool pictures!

Allen said...

just a battery。。。

Anonymous said...

For many people for whom the battery life of the Shift is an issue, this could be a solution. And while I agree that it does not necessarily improve the looks of the Shift, I would not call it ugly. I guess for an integrated solution (for people like me who do not want to carry a laptop sized external battery to power their smaller UMPC) it is the best possible with the Shift (aside from some new battery technology that would double capacity but keep the size of the current standard battery).

Let's see what the price is going to be and also what it does for the heat distribution of the Shift. At least it does not cover the air vents.

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