Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Samsung SWD-M100 MID appears at last.. but..

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It's a Windows Mobile based device?!?! So using ARM cpu?!?

4.3 inch touchscreen
Wimax, Wifi and Bluetooth
Dual cams ( 3M + 0.3M pixels )
Micro SD
TV out
Windows Mobile 6.1 with Opera web browser

Grrr.. Samsung was one of the hopes for great MID but this is not the one I wanted to see... How hard can it be?!

Thanks Ubergizmo

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Anonymous said...

Now the UMPC Version !


Mike Cane said...

WTF?! I guess they think there are still sales to wring out of their UMPC. FAIL!

Saperalot said...

would not be my favorate mid i think, but also i think better ones will come this year. i mean 2009 is the year of mid and netbooks :-)

Anonymous said...

heh, hopefully we can stick Maemo on it.

Anonymous said...

This company's structure are total crxp ... every decision are still going torough Korea which they have lack of vision and slow most of the time....

Anonymous said...

nice hardware, but seriously ARM/WinMo? dont they know that nobody cares about that combo anymore?

make it a real UMPC Atom/XP

Unknown said...

if it's also a phone i would take this over the htc advantage

Anonymous said...

ARM/Android and even ARM/Ubuntu or ARM/Angstrom are the best combo for price, size, battery life and even for features based on the types of features that can be useful in a pocketable touchscreen interface device.

Anonymous said...

I saw this thing in CommunicAsia2009. They layered winmo 6.1 with a new UI skin...nope ... different from Samsung Jet...and it is pretty cool and responsive.

What worries me is that the RAM is on low side...even when i switch off the custom UI and restart the MID, i only got ~ 59 MB...which is quite low... considering it is to be used as a MID.

Hope they come out with one that has a snapdragon chip, and at least 150MB RAM free...

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