Monday, May 18, 2009

Meet UMID M1 Mbook in matte black

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Lid is still glossy but internals and keyboard are now matte.

Looks much better me thinks....

No word yet about the availability..

Thanks [ translated ]

Via Pocketables

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Saperalot said...

yep looks way better now. funny little device.

Anonymous said...

As a citizen of the USA who has been a faithful user of Psion products since 1992, I have mourned the loss of the Psion 5MX, which I believe had the best form factor but was not picked up by enough users. I bought 2 of them since production was discontinued and keep using them. I tried the OQO but could not imagine typing with it. I currently use the Fujitsu lifebook U810 and like it very much, but it is still much too large for my jacket pocket.

If you have used the 5MX, please tell me how the “feel” of the UMID M1 keyboard compares with that. Has a true XP replacement for my beloved Psion finally arrived???

Anonymous said...

In general I like white computer stuff, but this looks really tough.

Michael said...

Doesn't look that bad, I wonder how comfortable the keyboard is to type on?

Anonymous said...

Who is going to Computex (if going, can you cover this)?

Gecko Netbook runs on AA batteries (YouTube Videos to watch)

"Sipping only 1.2 watts, this allows the Netbook to run off eight NiMH
AA-size batteries for up to four hours, though there is a lithium ion
option with a six-hour uptime. Using store-bought AA cells allows the
Netbook to be used in rural areas where electricity might get spotty.

Word is NorhTec's Gecko EduBook will be launched at computer expo
Computex Taipei in June and will retail for less than $200".

Introducing the Xcore86 and new Gecko Edubook

Windows XP running on new Gecko Edubook

If this had a Pixel Qi screen, I would like it (and if it had a better keyboard for adult use, like the 10" class, or even the Sony one, that would be better too). However, I do like the power use, and the AA battery concept.

Would love for someone to test this to see if it is JUNK for $200 or if it is the real deal. My idea at this time for $150-$200 is that this is JUNK.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Jkk.... is MyDigitalDiscount even alive at this time?
their phone is unanswered, and the web site seems to be take down (or they can't handle the RunCore Pro IV loads)?
any news?

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