Friday, May 15, 2009

More convertible touchscreen netbooks coming

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This one is called Fujiyama E-PC E-1001

And this one is E-1005.. same specs but without swivel hinge.

CPU:Intel Atom Processor N270 1.6GHz
Chipsets:Mobile Intel 945GSE Express Chipset+ICH7M
OS:Windows XP Home Edition(Licence)
Harddisk Capacity:2.5” 160GB SATA 5400rpm(sumsung)
Memory:1GB SO-DIMM*1(Max 2GB)
Screen:10.2" TOUCH TFT-LCD WXGA 1024*600
camera:Built in 1.3M pixels camera
lAN:Ethernet 10/100BASE-T
Wireless:802.11 b/g/n,502.16optional)
I/O Port:USB*3,Mic-in,Earphone-out,D-Sub,RJ45,Express Card,
4-in-1 card reader(SD/MMC/MS/MS Pro),DC-in.
Audio:Speaker 1.5 watt*2
Bluetooth:  Built-in V2.1+DER
Battery:Li-ion 4 cells, 4500mAh

I have also heard some other ones coming soon... as in Computex..

My own eyes are still on Asus T91, but where is it???

Fujiyama Product page

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SockDog said...

Now we have touch and tablet tech on the netbooks it would be great to get options for a Faster CPU and GPU when needed or on the mains (re Everun Note) and Higher Res screens. I can understand why these aren't on the low to mid range devices but they should be on the netbooks which are hitting $600-1000.

Unknown said...

yeah i too would love to get a T91... there was some news a few days ago(on engadget) about its release in the uk next month .. i hope it comes out soon... ill wait for your evaluation jkk... hope you review it asap...

Anonymous said...

Yes, and more resolution too!
Netbook specs have not evolved *AT ALL* in 2 years!
They are still selling only "N270+945GSE+1024x600"

Touch screens as standard are nice to have, but it is more than time for some real hardware evolution!

Saperalot said...

me too waiting for t91 or t101 i hope we will see the devices soon.

Anonymous said...

@ previous anonymous: How would netbooks not have evolved in 2 years? I thought the EEEPC 701 is just around one year of age :-)

more over the way from 7" to 9" then to the atom platform and 10" is what I consider evolution, gigabyte with its first of all touchscreen netbook was sort of an revolution even to me, though i wouldn't have bought it for its disadvantages back then.

The ION again would be ``only'' evolution, tough a great one.

But Pixel Qi's 3qi displays, that's what I'd regard a true revolution!

Though they still lack any proof, that they actually have achieved anything... Even less I know of plans actually to have that technology used outside the OLPC project.

Honestly, I want a 3qi based 12" netvertible with ION or better to come, but I guess that's asking too much for now, considering the 3qi displays where not even announced for more than 10".

More over... is any recent touch screen netbook actually available on the market right now?! I couldn't find any shop selling them in germany/austria using several price search machines.

Anonymous said...

Slap me or what ever, I just looked up with the google product search, that I didn't know so far, and easily found distributers... I'm just too fixed to cyberport and amazon.

Anonymous said...

No, the Eee 701 will hit two years in a couple of months. Your math is slightly off :) took off in July of 2007, I think.

Anonymous said...

Not my maths but my knowledge - I thought it was released about spring 2008 Oo

Anonymous said...

ugh.......god i love hate that weak atom processor
what i mean by that is it's too weak (n270) to watch 720p through youtube unless you overclock 2ghz they need to make dual core atom I mean they core 2 duo ulv like u7700 witch strong enough but atom sucks i mean look if you put u7700 in a tiny ux90s the heat is not much of an issue I'm sure they can come out with somthing stronger like centrino atom dual core running 1.3ghz

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