Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MeetMobility Podcast 28

Welcome to listen Meet Mobility Podcast no. 28 .
Join me, Steve and Sascha talking about mobile computing.

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Recorded on Tuesday May 26th. All about Computex 2009.

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Anonymous said...

Great podcast! Have fun at Computex. I can't wait for affordable all day ARM devices. They have so much potential.
...Off to see Chippy's youtube of the `Smart Devices Q7'....

Anonymous said...

Great Pod Cast - Jkk don't forget to look and see if Pixel Qi is anywhere there (their calendar on the site show a date for Computex), and per their site they say they will be there, and that they will have "private showings of their screens", so what does that mean? There is an email address on their home page to contact regarding these showings. Also the blog part of the site has some photos of the new screens that they got now to show off (one photo is a MOD of an Acer netbook with their screen instead)? Maybe they will finally decide to give you a screen to MOD into some other devices?

AND if you could please, check out the Xcore86 motherboard on a chip by NorhTec with their Gecko Edubook that uses only 1.2 watts of power and has the 8-AA battery power source too (is it junk or a durable tool, or kids toy)? The advantage of the Xcore86 for XP users is that it is very low power without having to go to ARM (XP does not run on ARM does it?).

I would love to see an AA battery powered netbook with 10.1 Pixel Qi screen and a good keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Try to get a word or two from the Pixel Qi guys - I hear they'll be demoing their first new screens at Computex! (Althgough only privately...) Apparently they have working samples of their new screen now.

Anonymous said...

The Meet Mobility site has you listed as JKMobile (I think that is a typo that you might want to have corrected). And you might have each listed on that part where the spelling is wrong as an html link to your sites. Just a suggestion.

Saperalot said...

Have fun at computex and always a full battery for a lor of news here :-) once again good podcast but i prefer videopodcast.

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