Monday, May 11, 2009

NFS convertible UMPC surfaces as LonMID

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We saw a a picture of it at IDF Beijing 2009 but now we can see it fully:


4.8 inch 800 x 480 main screen
2.4 inch 320 x 240 secondary screen
800Mhz Intel Atom with 512MB RAM
Wifi, bluetooth and WWAN ( CDMA1X )
qwerty + numeric keypad
1 × USB 2.0
1 × MiniUSB 2.0
153 x 91 x 27mm
MIDinux Linux

So it is a mobile computer and a phone..

It shares the minimum Atom specs so it's performance is about the same as with Aigo MID.. not that good compared to new arrivals like UMID Mbook and Viliv S5 but the form factor might be better for some.

No word on actual release or pricing...

PC Home [ translated ]

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Anonymous said...

That is precisely the sort of device I'd want - It seems very Zaurus-like :) I hope it makes it to manufacturing.

Anonymous said...

they forgot 1 more feature...

- ugly as hell

Unknown said...

hope the selling price is affordable and cheaper ,
to make the mid and umpc as a price war.

we as a consumer can be benefit ,
eventually branded mid is also selling cheap

like sony is famous selling expensive and smaller notebook. now is over . asus , acer , other brand also can produce 1 kigl computer..not just SONY

Anonymous said...

I saw this on Engadget and thought it was pretty ugly and useless. But i actually looks decent in black, think i have to revise my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I do wonder what the stanby time on that will be, waiting for calls.

Josh24 said...

It looks like the swiveling DOPOD but with (much) better features + XP OS application !!!
Its lot better if they use 1.3Ghz speed atom, but I'd love to buy it one!
Any released date or reseller yet ? :-)
wait, so for phone calls support, is it only available for CDMA? or GSM too?
Love that swivel with webcam!

Josh24 said...

sorry , for XP OS application, isn't it? :-)

tsog said...

can you actually run xp on this?

tsog said...

bit more spec:
bluetooth, wifi, cdma
as well as open office for word processing

Shaka said...

I love the way it looks!

Anonymous said...

we are getting closer to a zaurus successor
i miss the arrow pad and a CF slot

Anonymous said...

the upop umpc from kaon korea is much better than that especially if it run with windows Xp. ill buy 5 unit of it immediately for all my dogs here at home

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