Wednesday, June 10, 2009

eSlick Reader at Computex 2009

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3 comments: said...

Looks like a nice page refresh speed as well.

Just wish they would come out with one in A4 or us letter size for those large format documents...

Anonymous said...

this would be awesome if it was priced alot lower than Amazon's Kindle, which it should be because this device has no keyboard or wireless broadband.

Anonymous said...

It is about a hundred dollars cheaper. Still, at $260 it's still a bit steep price for its features.

It only supports TXT and PDF for documents (also MP3 for audio), although apparently there's been talk of introducing EPUB support too. Then again, apparently its PDF support is great, which is not surprising for a company that normally makes PDF software. :)

I've been considering the Foxit eSlick but it would appear its screen is 4 shades of gray only, compared to for example the Interead Cool-er that sports 8. Both use a 6" E Ink® Vizplex screen and are actually the same device, a Netronix, Inc. EB600.

The Cool-er has a better screen and file format support, but the eSlick has better PDF support. eSlick can improve their range of supported file formats but not the screen after you buy one, and I don't think the Cool-er is going to get the eSlick's PDF reflow capabilities... PDFs are not ideal for eBooks, but if that's what you need the reader for, the choice is not up to you of course.

Both are about the same price. This is a tough choice... A Sony PR-505 is a bit more expensive, but less than a Kindle, and has its supporters too. It's not easy to pick an ebook reader in Europe right now! Availability is appalling and the prices haven't yet had a chance to come down. Still I'd really like one right about now...

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