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MeetMobility Podcast 29

Welcome to listen Meet Mobility Podcast no. 29 .
Join me, Steve and Sascha talking about mobile computing.

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Computex 2009.

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MiDs netbooks and smartbooks

Elitegroup - Huge line-up of netbooks.
Pegatron - Update
MIO GPS smartpbook

Other manufacturers we saw:
Nvidia - Tegra smartbook MID. ION Netbook graphics.
Freescale - MID Android.
ARM in general.

Discussion points:

* User experience.
* OS
* Browser
* Speed
* Timescales
* Positioning
* Battery life
* Price
* General discussion point -

Intel said they can make a better smartbook.

Moorestown smartbooks.
Flash, runtime (AIR, Android)
720p recording.
Long standby
Moblin2 and Wind River

Staying with Intel. Menlow continues as the XP platform
No windows on Moorestown. At least the initial or primary version of it.


* Compal KAX-15
* Digicube on Menlow
* XPPhone - Geode
* Viliv X70 EX
* Inproved Viliv S7
* Archos 9 (not at computex)
* MIDPhone (not at computex)

Moving up the chain....

How about Pineview for netbooks and high-end UMPCs?
We didn't get GPU info although there are some rumors around.
Why? What will it bring? Is it a risk to move from the trusted platform?
Cost? Efficiency? Power? Video decoding.

Netbooks continued....

netbooks wave continue - a ton of new designs but nothing groundbreaking except....
Nvidia ION
Multitouch T91
Moblin 2 for netbooks
What about Win 7. Will think slow down now as we move towards September/October

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Thanks everyone. Thanks Runcore, Intel

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very nice blog and infos.
I know its the false post, but it would be very nice if you can take the time to look into the pocketables forum - which ssd you used or recommend for the upgrade of the viliv s5.

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