Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Netbooknews officially open. First vodcast up

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Anyone listening to our MeetMobility podcasts knows Sascha.
He is the hard working man behind German site Netbooknews.de

He is now launching new English video site Netbooknews.com featuring netbooks and other mobile computing related news. They have tons of videos from Computex and the first weekly video show is now up, showing best of computex.

Check it out and keep your eyes on them.

Looking good Sascha, Nicole, Lars, Melody and Jasmine! Thanks again for great time in Taipei!

Jump to Netbooknews.com to see the first show

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Anonymous said...

That site needs a forum badly.. But great job, iv'e missed a site like that!

Anonymous said...

videocast is the future i like that, but a lot of work left for sascha and the site.

Anonymous said...

Gecko Edubook part didn't show the computer or the AA battery option.

Where was Pixel Qi coverage by NetbookNews? And, it was not even discussed in the recent podcast either by Meet Mobility crew?

When is Jkk getting a Pixel Qi screen to test?

Sascha said...

Thanks for the feature and the great feedback. You can see the full Gecko Edubook video on netbooknews.com. I had no time to meet with Pixel Qi but Mary Lou just got back to me to setup a meeting. So stay tuned ;)

Anonymous said...

It's not about the girls...

Anonymous said...

Will Pixel Qi screen do HD (1366 x 768)? Like on an HP 2140 with HD screen or on a Dell that will do the HD too?

vs the lesser screen that many netbooks use today.

Anonymous said...

Some of your videos are linked to in an update to a Groklaw article, and that article is linked to in slashdot here:


and here:


see bottom of the article...

Have you noticed any increase in traffic as a result?

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