Thursday, June 11, 2009

Viliv X70 UMPC first view

Click to see the video

Steve has his review up allready so jump to UMPCPortal for full read

Details, News and Links for Viliv X70

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, JKK, for such a great Computex coverage.

Anonymous said...

Alwasy Thanks. JKK I am waiting on your review of X70EX. I always like your great review. :)

DTrain said...

Please post a teardown vid. I want to know what mods are possible.

Unknown said...

Jkk , what SSD are you using with the Viliv S5, I am not alone when i say, we have had no luck finding a compatible drive that did not cost an arm and a leg, Will Does the Runcore drive work with the Viliv S5?

Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi JKK, great videos!!!

Will you be opening the X70? It would be nice to see how easy it is to upgrade the SSD drive and to see if it's a 1.8" zif or something else. Thanks!

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