Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New Acer Aspire One's at Computex

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Anonymous said...

the 11" is definitely interesting because of the resolution. i wish more manufactures would put 1366x768 in 10" but they dont seem willing. ive heard that the 6-cell fits flush into the 11", are you sure that was a 3-cell?

any chance you can get your hand on the new 11" Eee 1101HA to see which you prefer?

Anonymous said...

hi jkk,

different subject... what camera and resolution are you using to record the videos for your blogs?

Anonymous said...

problem with the Acer is that it uses the anemic 1.3ghz Silverthorne whereas the Eee uses the 1.6ghz Silverthorne

is Windows 7 compatible with the Silverthorne line of CPU's? i only ask because of the non-standard chipset used with Silverthorne.

Anonymous said...

I've seen photos of the 6-cell version. The battery sticks out about 3/4" of an inch from the back (which ruins the sleek lines).

So yeah, if you want the sleek lines and smaller size, you'll have to settle for short battery life of the three cell. The MSI Wind U200 and Lenovo S12 appear to be similarly afflicted.

These things are larger than normal netbooks, so why can't they fit a decent capacity battery in the case? 4-cells, 5-cells, even. Not a measly 3-cell...

Anonymous said...

My acer aspire one comes with a 6 cell battery showing 6 hour battery life.

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