Friday, June 05, 2009

Mtube II.. Android tablet on XP netbook

Click to see the video

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Unknown said...

All i can say is wow that is a real good idea. I hope we see a Device like this in the future. Crunchpad and Netbook in one :-)

DerHomer said...

For my sense, the keyboard would be used as a docking-station. No spinning Harddrive, light weight, nice usage and fast OS for mobile usage and surfing; cheap harddrive with much capacity, fully funktional OS and a good-sized keyboard for home use.

Great idea, Mtube!!!

Now we need an early launch and a good pricing ;c)

Anonymous said...

As i understand the Atom is in the bottom half and ARM in the screen. It would be could to see an atom in the screen and use the keyboard as a dock with extra battery life.. but that would probably jack up price or make the screen too desireable by itself.

Anonymous said...


Is EU850D mini pci modem compatible with DELL mini 10V please reply if anyone has disected 10V


Anonymous said...

First company to use detachable bezel and multitouch e-paper screen will get my money, even if it costs me $999

Anonymous said...

Ouais!! très original le coup du netbook convertible en slate..cela change du simple netbook switchable en slate.. cela nous épargne en effet le poids du clavier que l'on utilise de toute facon très peu dans cette configuration.
Cool device,very original!

Anonymous said... is ahead of these guys. The first group of pre-orders are already shipping July '09. This would have been cool if I had not checked the one by alwaysinnovating

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