Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Norhtec Edubook netbook at Computex 2009

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting - would love this with RunCore SSD, a Pixel Qi Screen, and a bit bigger with keyboard maybe.

But, the AA battery idea is great. When is Jkk getting one to demo and do his own testing video with RunCore SSD installed to see how it runs?

If the screen did 1366 x 768 that would be great too for users of external 1024 x 768 video projectors to run MS PowerPoint or Impress "presentations". Hmmm, the Pixel Qi screen that Jkk showed us on the Acer didn't have HD due to the Acer Netbook chipset, so will the Pixel Qi screen do the HD with a better chipset?

Anonymous said...

Sure,AA cells are the key for ultra low cost netbooks.With Android OS and PixelQi screen ,Chinese can design a reliable product for all consumers.

LoneRifle said...

The clear case idea is awesome.

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