Friday, June 05, 2009

Hands-on with Nvidia Tegra platform on netbook

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Anonymous said...

No matter how pretty the device is, i just need a full windows OS, and i felt that you feel the same way JKK "Ahh no more ugly CE stuff"

TheLostSwede said...

You call that UI nice? :D
Well, I guess it beats the default CE look, but nice... c'mon mate...

Anonymous said...

CE is ugly stuff, yes. But I think Android can become something more. Also I think I almost don't need x86 Windows on a netbook(as on my netbook for example) and even on my desktop until I'm doing my jobs.

Anonymous said...

Maybe. If it can browse the web, including Flash support, video playback, music etc. AND download and playback media files offline (on an airplane say), it can do most of what I would want it for.

However, my experience with the Dell Mini 9 is that a 9" netbook is just too small for a proper keyboard. I think others agree, and the 9" netbooks are going away. So these are going to be 10" devices.

Netbooks already get perfectly good battery life, so the only real advantage these might have is PRICE. And not a huge one. We'll see.

Hey JKK--could you clear up one question? All the sites talk about how Tegra can do fullscreen HD playback, which I'm sure it can. But I haven't seen anybody say it can do fullscreen HD Flash playback. I assume it CANNOT. Can you clarify?

Anonymous said...

3 watts per hour!
So this will be the first real practicable solar powered laptop. With a 10 watt solarpanel wich fits in your backpack you must be able to charge and run the thing simultaniously.
Just lovely:)

Hopefully there will be some more serious software for these tegra machines, like paint programs ( i am a artist, love to draw on touchscreens, it works ok, tried it on the asus nettop) Hope something like that will come for an tegra tablet!

i have some early Mips netbook experiments on my youtube check

Anonymous said...

maybe something like this would also run on the tegras. It is a full featured java paint programm.
really amazing, the thing works in the browser.
if something like this mostly runs on the gpu than we are very happy

Linked said...

Tegra seems very promising platform, can't wait to see how it works with Android.

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