Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Asus Eee PC with 8 inch screen

As Asus said at CES, 8" and 8.9" models are coming..

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8.9" would look like this:

These are pictures of 8" model prototypes. Note that resolution is still 800 x 480.

More here [ translated ]

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Anonymous said...

Was really hoping they'd up the resolution :(

Anonymous said...

This is truly cool but how do all YOUR nifty hardware mods - like that touchscreen - port to these new beasts?

Will said...

As it said, only a prototype. There's still hop of increased resolution.

Mike Reynolds said...

I like it. 8" is somewhat acceptable.

Mike Reynolds said...

There's some confusion over at Gizmodo. They're saying it's a 8.9", but Asus has only showed an 8"...


Mike Reynolds said...

BTW, just did some quick math and it is theoretically possible that Asustek could squeeze an 8.9" diagonal into the ASUS Eee PC:'http://schlerplotti.typepad.com/quantworks/2008/01/an-89-asus-eee.html

Mike Reynolds said...

Sorry, I'm not trying to hog these comments. Just realized the URL's above might be too long for display.

Here's a TinyURL version:

Gizomodo article:

Proof of 8.9" size (math):

Anonymous said...

The 8" was the original prototype of the Eee PC. The 7" is the final released product. This is not new and not the forthcoming 8.9" product.

Anonymous said...

Will ASUS license the OLPC XO 8.9 inch screen tech from Mary Lou Jepsen's new company, who was one of two who invented the dual mode energy saving screen for the OLPC XO. That would be hot on an Eee PC with Touch Screen.

or look on http://www.groklaw.net for
"Interview with OLPC's Founding CTO Mary Lou Jepsen", by Sean Daly
Monday, January 07 2008 @ 08:00 PM EST

Mary Lou Jepsen will go down in history as the founding Chief Technology Officer of One Laptop Per Child. She has recently announced that she is starting her own for-profit company, Pixel Qi, to commercialize some of the technologies she invented at OLPC while extending them.

PS - I imagine that she is going to license the technology... if ASUS does not do this license, or approach her for a license, then, if someone else has this screen before ASUS, well... like Quanta with an machine like Eee PC... well, with that much battery advantage, like the OLPC XO has, well... the story explains itself.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to mod the current version and put in an 8inch screen?

If so JKK are you up for the challenge?

jonathan riley said...

If they can ship it with decent screen res, I'm buying.

Anonymous said...

one guy did made it 1600 x 900!

JKK said...

Yes, you can do higher resolution by software with any UMPC..
.. but it looks crappy.

Many UMPCs have even dedicated button for that..

Anonymous said...

Where can you buy it at?

Anonymous said...

well im kinda pissed of this trend... they should launch one with native 1024xXXX resolution, why do they make 8'' when theres no change in resolution, so in the end youll have practically the same display as the 7'' had; eye candy?? tell me why should i buy the 8'' when the 7''s gonna be way cheaper (coz of the new types)...im just curious what is the main advantage of the 8'' one

Anonymous said...

Just bloody well install xubuntu and up the res.

At first I was sad about buying an eee before the 8 inch hits us, but then again, it'll be ages before they are here, they won't "really' be any faster and that extra inch isn't a lot. If and when it hits 9 inches, I'm buying my second eee.

Anonymous said...

Give it a year for the price of SSDs to drop, put in a 16 or 32Gb SSD, 8 1/2" screen and multi-card reader and it would be irresistible. At least to me it would. At present I'd have to carry a backup drive and card reader for it to be of use to me, in which case my present lappy wins out.

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