Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Redfly Mobile Companion, UMPC sized smartphone "extender"

REDFLY is new Foleo, but with less features..

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It has same size and weight as 7 inch UMPCs, but with 8 inch 800 x 480 screen ( no touch )

It has 2 usb ports, bluetooth and vga out. ( no wifi )

...And software which let's you use your Windows Mobile phone from it's keyboard and mouse, showing WM interface stretched to that 8 inch screen. ( no internal sw, browser etc. )

...And it will cost you $500.

It better be a super good software as i can do all this with Asus Eee and any other UMPC... There are similar software's, some even for free...

But let them show more at CES, maybe there is something more...

Btw. look at that keyboard.. same as in Eee PC, Korean Kohjinsha and Flybook..

Redfly Via Gizmodo

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Sascha said...

well Palm failed with the Foleo why should a windows mobile based system do any better when you can get Eee PCs starting as low as 299$?


Anonymous said...

Many of us swore off Windows years ago, and many more are doing the same today, in droves we are saying NO to Windows. So, how does this device test out with various LINUX offerings?

Specifically, gOS, and others of the Ubuntu family. Fedora would be ok, but as far as I know Fedora does not do automatic security updates. That is why everyone is doing Ubuntu (update notification).

Anonymous said...

i would say that palm never really tried rather then failed. they announced, was told off by engadget among others, and just plain folded rather then ride the gamble out.

also, this may be of interest:

it looks like the software part of redfly does a bit more then mymobiler does.

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