Saturday, January 26, 2008

Touch screen OQO 02 coming soon!

OQO will release touch screen version of OQO 02 "in April to June time frame"

UPDATE: OQO say nope for touch

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This is good news!

They are also working on reducing thickness and weight, battery life and video performance.


I just hope they have HSDPA too... and better pricing!

UPDATE: Dennis Moore, CEO

I was hoping not to have to reply to this or the other thread on the same topic. Unfortunately, there is so much traffic on the two that I feel compelled. I am thrilled that there is so much interest in our future products, and I hope you will find them to be exciting and desirable.

Here are some truths:

1. OQO would never disclose future product information in other than broad terms, but I can disclose that statements in the video are not true about when certain features will ship (if ever). I assume I could face legal liabilities of some kind if this is a false statement, so I hope you can trust me that the claims about future product features in this video and other versions on the Web are just not true. Certainly, we are always working to design and engineer improvements in our products, manufacturing, and services, including working on ways to optimize the hardware, software, and services we offer.

2. The person in the video is no longer an OQO employee as of the end of the week when the video was filmed, had resigned prior to filming this video, and was no longer with the company when I first saw the video on tkarena.

3. I am disappointed at the misinformation in the video. These misstatements should not have been made. Misstatements are a violation of our values as a company, and a violation of the trust of our customers (who may rely on these statements). Obviously, the individual in this video was not authorized to say anything about future products, particularly statements that are not true (although I suppose it might have been worse if the statements were disclosing our future product plans, because a denial in those circumstances would not be possible). As to my feelings when I saw the video initially -- well, how would you feel in the same circumstances? I'm glad I was at home, so people at work did not see my reaction.

We are contacting each of the sites where this video is or was available, to let them know that the statements made in the video are untrue, and to ask each site to take down the video as such misstatements benefits no one. In fact, when we do not ship products with the features mentioned in the video on the timelines mentioned in the video (and we won't!), we will probably face individuals claiming that we are failing to deliver on our product roadmap.

Obviously, I am asking our community to trust me. You will be able to gauge, as time passes, whether I am telling the truth about our future products. For those who have seen my interactions in the community, I hope I have earned your trust with my actions.

I'm very sorry that these misstatements were created and propagated. I will do what I can to make sure these misstatements are removed from the web sites where they have been posted, as they can cause irreparable harm to our business (lost sales, harmed reputation).

I appreciate all the interest in the community regarding our future products, and I appreciate all the feedback in this forum about the features suggested -- this will help us craft our actual product roadmap.

Thanks so much for your trust, and for participating in this community!

-- Dennis Moore, OQO

Uuuuh... not goodie... well, if no touch, it's no buy from me..

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Anonymous said...

Putting a touch screen in instead of WACOM tech would reduce price by around a $100. Increasing battery life and decreasing thickness seems to me to be opposing goals. Increasing battery life so you don't need the double capacity to make it usable on the road, that's a goal to achieve.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so they won't disclose this obvious upgrade because it would screw with current sales options. I don't like that companies like this lie to keep money flow going but it does make sense from a business standpoint.

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