Monday, January 07, 2008

First picture of LG UMPC. It's official!

So it's a Vista UMPC not a MID..

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Intel Menlow
4.8 inch 1024 x 600 touchscreen
slider keyboard
Wifi, Bt and HSDPA

Should OQO be worried about it? Pricing should be way lower than OQO 02/e2..

Details at UMPCPortal

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Anonymous said...

What kinda shoddy screenshot is that? It's not even using a close-to-finished version of Vista!

Voted fake :-\

JKK said...

just updated with bigger picture..'s from Intel so not a fake :)

Anonymous said...

Vista? That's a disappointment, I was hoping for Linux.

Anonymous said...

according to UMPCportal no 3G/HSDPA, while your post says HSDPA ????

SL said...

This is really cool. I want one. Though, how much will it cost?

JKK said...

I belive it will have hsdap...

..Intel is talking about $599 as a base price but Vista may bring it up a bit.

Hopefully we get the pricing soon..

Jonathan Andel said...

Is The Battery any good? In comparason with the eeepc?

Anonymous said...

Forget the LG..... ASUS R50A UMPC
WiMax-ready, 5.6-inch screen, built-in GPS, dual webcams, and digital TV tuner.

Anonymous said...

Not being released in usa though, and I doubt europe will see it

Anonymous said...

What good is a tv tuner for this little thing? Since most if not all tv broadcast are going digital. It's built in analog tuner will be useless unless you plug something into it. And if you do plug something into it its not mobile anymore. Also.. WTF no keyboard

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