Wednesday, January 02, 2008

CNET Asia: Asus Eee PC is the best UMPC

Some say it's not a UMPC, but I say it's more ultra, more mobile and more PC than some "real" UMPCs!
I don't agree on all "winners" there, but I must say Everun is good pick.. I would add Q1 Ultra and OQO to that list.

CNET Asia, Top 5 UMPCs Via UMPC Tips

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Anonymous said...

Is the Packard Bell even out over there?
Curious why the Gigabyte was included.
I'd include the Q1U as well.

guthrie said...

It's absurd that some of the other umpc sites are saying it doesn't qualify for lack of a touch screen. Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, it's the best :)

Anonymous said...

i'm going to go with rumors and hearsay: the eee is the best umpc. yay :)

Sunny said...

Well, IMO, the Fujitsu U810/U1010 is the best UMPC around

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