Tuesday, January 01, 2008

CES 2008 coming.. What to expect?

Only few days to CES. What should we expect from mobile computing side?

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- U560 finally shipping? Something else?


- R50a/R3 UMPC
- New version of R2?
- New versions of Eee PC?

- Mobile Internet Device

- Mobile Internet Device with XP, Vista or Linux?

- Will any OEM adopt their reference design?


- Noahpad UMPC... innovative design?

- UMPC? Intel has listed Lenovo as one of the Menlow partners

UPDATE: there it is!

- Q1 Ultra Premium
- new UMPC?

- B1 series UMPCs


btw. I have placed my CES banner on top of my pages for easy access to CES news.

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Anonymous said...

It might be a long shot, but I'd sure like to hear an announcement about US plans for the iMate Ultimate line, and especially that Foleo-like docking shell!

JKK said...


I totally forgot that rumor..


Anonymous said...

that docking shell got to be one of the most interesting rumors to do the rounds in a very long time.

hell, with one of the ultimate versions having vga out ability, its more or less ready for it.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully an Eee PC sized, OLPC XO featured with dual mode/tablet style screen, long battery life, etc... (albiet with larger RAM and removable SSD) laptop from Quanta as announced as a $200 laptop, last March 2007 according to a slashdot post. Would be good if included the touch screen that the jkkmobile mod did to the Eee PC.

Why don't companies just use AA or AAA batteries so that we can use a 15 minute recharger for all portable devices?

JKK said...

TSO: http://gizmodo.com/339387/redfly-mobile-companion-is-the-palm-foleo-for-windows-mobiles

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