Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Kohjinsha V801 with DVD drive

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. Looks like a SA1 with a little more depth to accommodate the DVD drive. I wonder if it has the 1024x600 screen.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it would be possible to user upgrade the ram and convert the HDD to SSD. If yes, this thing is definitely interesting.

djburno2000 said...

what I got from khojinsha website (in japanese) it's that SSD models are/will be available.
For the rest, apart from the addition of ODD, the SH and SR models share the same specs.
Oddly enough, they don't supply SR with 120GB HDD but 60 only..

Anonymous said...

rodfather // it has 1024x600 resolution screen.

djburno2000 // SR(=V801 in Korea) has 1.8inch HDD, not 2.5inch like other Kojinsha models.... So there is the limit for the supply of various HDDs. SR has less space for HDD because of its ODD.

Anonymous said...

This is surely the most practical umpc. I am seriously considering buying one.But i was just wondering,what is the antena at the top left side for? Does this mean that this umpc comes with a digital tv turner? Or the antena is for boosting the built in wifi?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the SR series comes equipped with ONE-SEG TV tuner (according to info from some websites, the ONE-SEG TV system is only implemented in Japan).

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