Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Aigo UMPC XP drivers updated again!

Click to see the video

Yep, brightness, settings etc. working... update the bios and then run the setup.

Nope, Wifi still missing... looks like hw problem..

Get files from Mobilx

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Saperalot said...

good news bad news its always the same. what is the hardware problem? i dont understand that.

Anonymous said...

JKK did you also install the SmartKey Bios and SmartKet driver to make this work. I do see the BIOS 110A.T07dated 4/8/09 which I have downloaded and will install.


JKK said...

No, not that bios. Install these 2:

Aigo MID SmartKey Bios 003A

Aigo MID SmartKey Driver

naj said...

We seem to be so close... I am writing with a French version of the Aigo right now, and it would indeed be nice to have the choice to use XP or Linux.

Thanks to tell us if someone finds the solution... And thanks for jkk!

Carmelo42 said...

JKK : is your Aigo very hot when using XP ?

I find the temperature is higher on XP than on Linux ...

Isn't dangerous for the MID (I thinj about battery .. 60°C ... boooommm)

Joao Oliveira said...


Aigo get a bit hot (much less now with the latest bios and smartkey) but nothing dangerous.

Belive i've had the aigo turned for 12 hour in a row, either charging or using battery, surfing, etc no problem what so ever.

Enjoy your aigo and don't worry too much!!


Carmelo42 said...

Thanks Joao Oliveira for your answer.

the doctor said...

jkk, how do you install the new bios?

Carmelo42 said...

@the doctor : you have to boot with a dos boot cd like Windows98. But before you have to put the bios files into the ssd.

at dos prompt, type :
cd bios_files_rep

and the flash begins

Anonymous said...

I was in the Aigo shop in HK today. They are already selling the XP Wifi capable version of the 8860. They call it the "8860 Wi". Costs $3990 HKD (on discount from $4299). I played with it quite a bit, and was a bit disappointed with the build quality. The slider does not feel solid.


Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Can someone post all updated XP drivers? I created an account in Mobilx and still can't download any driver. It is asking for password and seems like my password doesn't work. I bougth Aigo 8860wi version which latest firmware and I am hoping WiFi will work on it.


Thanks very much.

Ritesh said...

can any one share the xp drivers pls? the site asks for a password...

Anonymous said...

mobix links are down :(

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