Monday, April 20, 2009

Aigo vs UMID UMPCs on direct sunlight

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drebin said...

thankyou jkk.

there is one important test no one seems to be doing right now relating to the keyboard, that is wpm test.
i been waiting for ths device to replacemy psion 5 which gives me sixty wpm in thumbtying mode. i think there is a lot f intrest in this device beause unlike the other devices it is seen as a genuine productive device rather than just a consumption device like the aigo and viliv so maybe you can do a tying test. thankyo.

Saperalot said...

nice video now, i think its always difficult working outside with such devices. yep wpm test will be a good thing.

JKK said...

we will have live session tomorrow with steve so i think we can show writing tests there...

John in Norway said...

Thanks JKK. This is something a lot of testers don't bother with.

JOE said...

I have one more comparison on keyboard

enjoy :)

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