Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vaja cases for Vaio P

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I'm not a fan of cases but this time i have to say i'm impressed.

Vaio P is something that needs protection as it's tiny and shiny so why not get the best possible for it.

Vaja is known for their great quality ( and prices ) so it's a perfect fit for Vaio P

Thanks Gizmodo

Vaja cases

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Saperalot said...

the black one looks not bad and it seems that it fits perfect. nice to see

Anonymous said...

hi jkk.

just wondering if you can pul out the keys of the umid keyboard and shave the edges to get a more triangle shape at the top for key seperation. that would really help for thumbyping.
I'm really intrested in this device but fromwhen i first saw it i thouht they keys are the wrong shape, may cause accidental pressings of surrounding keys. so I am still intrested but want to take out all indvidual keys and shape them myself to achieve a better keyboard.
can the keys be puled out at all?

Dave said...

I wonder if the vaio can handle a DVB-s(MPEG2) stream?
The N270 is able to do.

My last video shows it.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous You can't really thumbtype on the Vaio P keyboard. It's practically full size- maybe 4/5 actual.

Anonymous said...

the P runs very hot, especially underneath. I wonder if Vaja took this into consideration..... it does not appear to have vents...

Anonymous said...

Hi jkk, i was wondering if you could do a video that shows how to replace the hardrive, it would be really helpfull :)

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