Thursday, April 30, 2009

No ARM based netbooks from ASUS

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"Asus, which pioneered the netbook market, will also avoid using microprocessors such as the ARM cores in Qualcomm's Snapdragon mobile phone chips this year, he said. ( Jerry Shen, CEO of Asus )

The company plans to stick with PC industry chips, known as x86-based microprocessors. Shen said x86 chips are more attractive for netbooks for several reasons, including the wealth of software made to work on the microprocessors."

Hmm.. we have heard many rumors and info them coming, but maybe not...

Well.. Computex is soon and we should see a pile of ARM netbooks there..

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Saperalot said...

i am not sure that building arm netbooks will be the right way. i believe in intel and also in nvidia. but we will see what computex will bring.

and for sure that shen said much things that never happend then.

Anonymous said...

not that surprised, even tho asus recently aquired a mobile phone company, their eeepc "spinoff" is still related to their other laptop production, and as such probably gets some nice bulk discounts from intel...

Anonymous said...

everytime a new market is created & becomes successful other companies come along & try to put a slight "twist" on it. ARM based laptops are a terrible idea & will be a disaster in the market place. once people buy these & realize they can do the EXACT samething on their much smaller mobile phones.

Anonymous said...

Shen is right, the only one big problem of modern ARM-based chips is lack of proved OS with other client software. The only hope is a development of the Android IMHO. Atom's consumption still needs to be decreased significantly.

Anonymous said...

LINUX has thousands of software applications to run on it. Software is not a problem unless you like a certain game or want to run Intuit or some accouting software that does not have a LINUX port yet.

If the battery goes all day, and maybe a bit more... then everything else is relative. Remember, that Mary Lou Jepsen says that the CPU is not the key thing if you can shut it off when you are not using it to save power (she said all users want is their battery to last for 20 hours).

I can't see ARM, at the end of the day, costing *that much* less than Intel (we had hype about prices being $100, $150 before and what happened is that those prices might have been the highest discounted from manufacturer (but reality is that then the unit has to go to distribution (they ad their cost and profit) then to retail (they ad their cost and profit). THE only ones who do direct well is DELL and if they did an ARM, they would be the only ones where you would see a big difference in price (and they will not drop price that low either).

IF Telcos like AT&T, Verizon, etc bought direct to store and put a service plan for their 3G in place, then you could see heavy discounts on the ARM netbooks.

Anonymous said...

Beagle board has no advanced 3d but shows the power of ARM processor.

Charbax said...

This is basically just bollocks. Asus is in bed with Intel. Pegatron is a spin-off company from Asus and basically designs and manufactures all the Asus laptops.

Pegatron is making ARM laptops.

Which basically means Asus is making ARM laptops.

It's like saying that Microsoft doesn't make a console but that it's the spin-off Microsoft Games doing the xbox.

Sascha said...

Charbax you got it. When i met with the Eee PC developer team in February they had this qualcomm eee pc running and they wanted to release it in may.
Pegatron was showing some ARM-Netbooks already on CES and there are some rumors that they wanna leave the ASUStek Group.
All i can say is, that this system was and is existing and ASUS was evaluating all kinds of OSs. A cloud version of Moblin. Android, Ubuntu, etc.

And to those guys who thinks these ARM-Netbooks are just a bigger smartphone and that they will be a desaster for the market... Oh my goodness, sometimes it is just better to shut up, when you have no clue... sorry but i just hate these public spindoctors ;)

Anonymous said...

your arrogance will bring you and your blog someday down.

we see it every day on your blog, you cant handle criticism, news in every direction, some old news. man where are you? you did it better last year. and man your handle of advertisement is heavy.

sorry for that but you made a change about 100%.

sorry for my english.

Anonymous said...

You guys bashing these ARM devices are twits. You obviously have no concept of how OS and CPU interact.
ARM devices are exactly what the market needs. Its a brilliant idea because it brings phones into the same realm as desktops and laptops. Software is currently not cross-compatible. Why? because twits dont realise that they are both just chips in a box, and think they are different.
Well news for you: they arent different. Its just Microsoft/Intel that make you think they are.

Seriously get a brain cell.

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