Saturday, April 04, 2009

New netbooks from Dell: Road map leaked

Continue reading.. got hold of Dell's netbook road map.. and it looks like Dell will enable even more options for netbook buyers:

Current Dell Mini 10 will get a pile of optional upgrades ( on top of current options )on April 17th:

- Ubuntu, XP and Vista
- up to 2GB RAM
- up to 250GB HDD
- 6 cell battery
- 1.86Ghz Atom ( internal memo asking if they should offer it )

There will be a new Mini 10 on May sharing same options but with:

- 1.6Ghz Atom N270
- Ubuntu and XP
- 2.5' 120/160GB HDD or 8/16GB SSD
- no WWAN


Q2/Q3: Dell Mini 11 with 11.6 inch screen with high resolution option.

Q3/Q4: Updated Dell Mini 10, 2 versions with Intel's new Pine Trail processor.

Thanks again

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Anonymous said...

Wow someone is going to get fired over this.

Anonymous said...

give me the 1366x768, 1.86ghz, 2GB, 2.5" 7200RPM, 6-cell plz

good thing is with Vista driver support it means i can use Windows 7 instead!

Anonymous said...

i bet they will add N280 (1.66ghz) in there eventually, Asus was the 1st but everybody else will catch up.

i wonder whats faster between 1.86 Silverthorne & 1.66ghz Diamondville. are the Silver/Diamond clock-for-clock comparable?

JKK said...

clock-for-clock fully comparable..

but GM500 with current drivers is weaker that GM950 on flash and many other stuff..

but it has hardware encoding for HD videos.

Jayayess1190 said...

Wow, Dell might make me switch over from Asus. Originally wanted a Dell Mini 9 over my EEE, but it took too long for the Mini 9 to be released, and I ended up with my 901. Always loved the Mini 9 for being fanless, but have wished it had a 6 cell battery option.

Anonymous said...

1024 x 576 is a very bad resolution. There's no sense reducing the already small vertical resolution just to get 16:9 aspect ratio that isn't very relevant anyway. 1366x768 is OK because that's enough for 720p HD material, but why not try and get (and _only_ offer) a panel with 1280x720 resolution if they really wanted 16:9 so much?

chester said...


Do you happen to know if you can easily swap out the OEM hard drive on the Dell Mini 10 and replace it with a 2.5" OCZ Vertex SATA II SSD? If so, would you have to go in through the keyboard or through the back?

JKK said...

It's easy to swap the HDD.. just remove the keyboard..

I'm getting Mini 10 on Monday.. will show it on video..

chester said...

Thanks JKK!!!!!

Love your videos. You make it look so easy. Which SSD will you be using? I've read many good things about the Vertex.

Also, can you demonstrate upgrading to 2GB of RAM?

chester said...

Another question...

Which do you prefer and why? Dell Mini 10 or HP Mini 2140?

JKK said...


I'm getting several SSDs to test next days/weeks.. so I will show them as first comes first served basis..

Yep, I will show RAM upgrade too.

I can't yet say which one of those 2 I would prefer as I haven't use them yet... but judging without testing I think Dell is leading..

Anonymous said...

what will your Mini 10 specs be JKK?

Anonymous said...

i wonder what "laptop like performance" means in the 11.6" model, maybe a non-Atom based version?

Anonymous said...

Love your videos!

/Andreas from Ruotsi.

Anonymous said...

Does any one have an Idea as far as base model price with XP will be.I would get the ram and Atom upgrade if doesnt drive the price up like it does on a Mac...

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