Friday, April 03, 2009

Unlocking Sony Vaio P 3G with DC-Unlocker

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Anonymous said...

So if i get one from japan i can use it here in Spain?

Anonymous said...

sounds like that

JKK said...

Yep, that's how it works

Saperalot said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice one JKK,

Anonymous said...

Man I wish I could get one of those. It looks way nicer then my 701 eee.

Unknown said...

Morjens JKK,

I got the US model (VGN-P588E). Would it be possible to use it's internal 3G modem here in Finland? (Now using the ugly Huawei "netstick" from Elisa). Thanks in advance!


JKK said...


Possible yes but not easy:

You need to put it to pieces and solder the SIM card slot inside it..

.. and hack the modem software.

Instructions here:

Unknown said...

Thanks, JKK :-)


muhbir said...


For the same specs, it is cheaper to get the Vaio P in the US than to order from Japan. Price difference is $400. The only difference is the CPU, which is only 1.33 in the US vs 1.86 from Japan.

Is it possible to upgrade the atom CPU's easily? If possible, it could be cheaper to have a P series with 1.86 GHz Atom CPU that way.



Anonymous said...

After unlocking Sony vaio P will the wifi work as well as 3G on it?


Anonymous said...

Will the Wifi and 3G work on Sony Vaio P after unlocking?

Pl. email me the response to

Anonymous said...

I got the japanese version. can DC-unlocker says it can be unlocked, but i read some versions must be hacked as you show here . how can i know if i can just unlock it with dc-unlocker or i need to open the case and solder the sim modem? thanx! ur awesome

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