Monday, April 20, 2009

Meet Toshiba Dynabook UX netbook

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Standard netbook specs:

10.1-inch 1024 x 600 screen
1.6GHz Intel Atom N280 with 945GSE
XP Home with Office Personal 2007-(2-year license)

263×193×25.4~32.4mm 1.18kg/1.33kg

Normal battery said to give 4 hours and extended 10 hours of use..

It looks pretty shiny on so does it's price: starting price $600

Via Engadget

PC Watch

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Saperalot said...

looks good for the first sight but also the price :-) nice keyboard but again with a small tab key. but for my needs to big, i like it smaller like the 9inch netbooks are.

ps: question beside about the "golden runcore" any news or specs?

Anonymous said...

well enjoy not using a PC, 9" netbooks are extinct

Saperalot said...

so why than the t91? ok, over this year 9 inch will be sold out, but the size of them is for my mobile use better than 11 or the new 12 inch class. thats are no netbooks anymore.

Anonymous said...

We 9" users may have to start using the next smallest class of computers altogether, that is, move to pocketable UMPCs and MIDs if the 9" models do disappear...

JKK said...

9 inchers will not disappear.. there will be many more specialized for mobility.

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