Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fujitsu FMVLUC50N UMPC now with 2Ghz Atom

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Fujitsu has updated their Japanese version of U2010 / U820 with 2Ghz Atom cpu.

This update will make it fastest UMPC ever!


5.6 inch 1280 x 800 touch screen
Intel Atom Z550 at 2Ghz
60 / 120GB HDD (32GB/64GB SSD option at Conics)
Keyboard / Mouse Pointer
Battery capacity 20 (W/hr)
SD card slot
Compact Flash slot
Fingerprint reader
Weight 610 gm
Size 171/135/33 mm
Vista or XP

You can check my review of the 1.6Ghz model here and order it now from

More details, News and Links for Fujitsu U2010 / U820 / FMV Loox U

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deriuqer said...

Not pocketable but still my favorite UMPC.

Unknown said...

what is the price???

Saperalot said...

hmm man is that device ugly, but leight, small and it must be fast but i dont think with vista.

i am thinking right now about how fast it will be with a nice ssd inside. jesus must be a rocket.

Saperalot said...

95 800 Yen
around 750 Euro

says conics website

Anonymous said...

would love to see that 2GHZ in the Viliv!!

Dylan Schulz said...

I'm liking how this device is looking.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why any american PC maker never offer high speed UMPC processors first, after all Intel is in USA, right?. First it was the 1.86 GHz which was offered by Sony and Fujitsu only and then its the 2 GHz by Fujitsu again! Is Intel really a US chipmaker or they have been taken over by Sony/Fujitsu??!!!! Dell what about your Mini 10 and 12 lines?

Sébastien said...

never arrive in France (azerty keyboard)
lost his GPS with this version !

RAQ said...

Come on, we need someone to really rival the Intel atom so that we can finally get Intel to stop milking the low spec atoms and start to impliment dual core atoms. I don't actually care about dual core I would prefer higher clock speeds.

hIM said...

no fujitsu can work fully with windows xp and the new japanese and korean models are shipped with xp
like the fujitsu u2010w already has xp AND THE XP DRIVERS ARE ON FUJISTU SITE

Anonymous said...

stupid 1gb ram only even it's 2ghz cpu, f*ck vista~ xp rules for umpc!

ikkefc3 said...

Will it be even faster than the Raon Everun Note?

Anonymous said...

I actually like the design

Anonymous said...

"Will it be even faster than the Raon Everun Note?"
no no no!

KuyaChe said...

small and powerful but i cannot afford it
ill stick to my gigabyte m912x just 300 bucks with 2 year wireless broadband contract.

JKK said...

raw cpu power is more powerful than everun note..

..but everun has better gpu

Lenny said...

No 3G and no GPS? :(

Knop said...

... but it looks like a freaking robot from transformers..

Anonymous said...

so jkk your are saying that this fujitsu FMVLUC50N
is more powerfull than everun notes dual core can please benchmark the FMVLUC50N and benchmark xp on it can.

Anonymous said...

What it really needs is 2GB of RAM, not a faster CPU.

That said, the U820 is a great UMPC.

Anonymous said...

Wow: 1280X800 @ 5,6" do they deliver a magnifier within the box? That is nog readable.

Anonymous said...

OMG! If it can fit in a 2GB ram, i'll grab it immediately!

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