Thursday, April 30, 2009

Symbian on netbooks; We have some active discussions

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Hmm.. I totally get the part "loose the lid thing" as I have been using Viliv S5 and UMID Mbook keeping them on inside my pocket..

Thanks Manchate

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Saperalot said...

3 hrs. battery is a joke, thats more than right. for the mobile geeks "loose the lid" is also right. but it is always in the needs of the person. so i am not sure right now, whats the best for my mobile use i had a lot of devices, but normaly you need two or i need two, a netbook for typing reports and stuff and a mid for totaly mobile use. thats why a i have two, a 900 and a S5 :-)

Anonymous said...

when they sau Symbian they should also consider interconnectivity with a phone and synching address book and such, Lose the liid? some people find a hardware keyboard more productive than just pecking in passwords.

Anonymous said...

Sunlight readable screen - can keep it easily in the pocket (or pocketbook)- 20 hours of battery... can use the apps you want at a good speed... what else is there?

If it can phone home too (all the better).

Anonymous said...

You mean lose the lid. Loose lids would only annoy everyone *even more* since they wouldn't stay open at all!

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