Monday, March 30, 2009

Asus Eee PC 1000HE review video

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Good battery life, nice keyboard but a bit heavy/big for my taste..

Remember to check Brad's review too

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Anonymous said...

i give Asus alot of credit, this was definitely a very impressive update to the original 1000 H/HA (highcap battery, new CPU, new chicklet KB). especially in comparison with what other manufactures did in their 2nd gen devices.

Andy said...

This is why I like eee's updates that people love yet didn't even scream for ala 10'' aspire one

Saperalot said...

yep nice device overall but i prefer 9 inch class. but as anonymus said "impressive update" i think they will sell them like worm bread ;-)

Anonymous said...

I currently have the black 1000he and I love it! I really don't think it's too big or heavy at all for me. Sure, it's a tad heavy for a netbook (coming in at 3.2lbs with battery), but if you're used to a larger will not be unsatisfied. This is an incredible machine and it hasn't let me down yet. As for the fingerprints, it's really not a big issue. I wipe it down every few days with the included cloth from Asus. =) Believe me, if you're on the fence with this one, buy it now. You won't regret purchasing the 1000he. It's really the best bang for the buck.

Fran├žois Caron said...

I'm still on the fence on this one. Compared with my 900HA, the technical specs are not that different. Granted it has a higher resolution Webcam, Bluetooth and WiFi N, but these are items I rarely use, if ever. The only improvements that are left are the new keyboard, bigger screen, longer battery life, and extra weight.

Unless I can get it at a terrific price, I'll pass. To be honest, I'd rather spend my money on a better battery for the 900HA.

Anonymous said...

kick in a larger battery into the competitors - will cost you quite some bucks extra, makes them bulky and heavy too, mostly with quirky looks thereafter.
wheras the asus have a good productive keyboard and are robust and sturdy machines. proven several times in field/outdoor usage. equipped with all the bells and wistles.
nice rev jkk, thanks

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