Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wibrain M1 upped from proto to real thing

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It looks like Wibrain will make it real..

Last time we heard it was just a concept prototype, but now Aving is reporting that it will go to production.

Specs are OK-ish, but that membrane keyboard might not be that good.. device it self could be a bit smaller too..

4.8-inch 1,024*600 touchscreen
1.33GHz Atom Z520

512MB/1GB of RAM
Linux or Windows XP OS.

It might stay as Korea only product but you never know..

Thanks Aving

Via UMPC Tips

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Anonymous said...

Battery life and price..

Saperalot said...

for me too thick and i dont like those keyboards. i like keyboards like Viliv S5 when they work or of course the one from Aigo MID

Anonymous said...

it may be thick, but if that thickness gives 6hrs+ battery life than it might be worth it.

its still nice to see these handheld Windows based devices becoming a reality

Anonymous said...

Could be tough to pocket this one... also wondering about the feel of the keyboard. Feedback is an important part of typing so I wonder how does that keyboard feels when you press a key. Battery life at least should be OK in a package of this size, if the engineering is on the level of the i1 we saw earlier.

Unknown said...

The Keyboard looks cramped, I have the Sony UX and the Aigo, you need small hands to get some speed from the keyboard. I would rather have more battery, and less keyboard. The best compromise for me is the Samsung Q1UP, have had that for some time and the tiny keyboard is just ok, but I never use it, if they removed it I would be happy for the additional space. Did anyone also see how recessed the keyboard is, that wold not feel good holding and typing for any length of time

Anonymous said...

Looks similar to QOQ model 2+

Mac OS X inside and it will rock!

Anonymous said...

Hi, for me it looks like the UMPC from
SONY, does`nt it?
Nearly the same size and look!

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